Tossing Out the Salad at Nexstar's Raleigh Station


It appears that Nexstar’s WNCN in Raleigh is still trying to wipe the salad off their face.

Many of you snickered when you saw the story on FTVLive yesterday from WNCN about two men going door to door with a bowl of vegetables asking women if they can show them how to “toss their salad?”

It was obvious to us and many of you that these guys were doing some sort of prank. My guess is they had a hidden camera on them and don’t be surprised to see it on social media soon.

But, it appears that no one at Nexstar’s Raleigh station knows what the term “toss your salad” means and they ran with the story.

We posted the embed video from the station’s website, but it wasn’t long after the FTVLive story was posted that WNCN pulled the video and the story down from their website, while at the same time wiping the egg, or should I say egg salad off of their face.

While the story is gone with the station making no mention about it and why they pulled it (nor did they thank FTVLive for pointing it out), we do have the transcript of the story that was posted online.

While it is not nearly as funny as watching the video, here it is:

CLAYTON, N.C. (WNCN) – Some parents living in a Clayton neighborhood said they’ve had some strange visitors in the past week. They’re not sure exactly what to make of it.

Residents said two men have been going door to door with a bowl of vegetables asking to come inside so they can show them how to toss a salad. Four families said they’ve found these men inside their garages.

“Just the way that he was speaking and exactly what he was saying, using the exact same sentence over and over again, was what really kind of made me think, ‘This is not real, You’re a creep.’ that’s what I thought,” said one Clayton mom who wished to remain anonymous. “This is something creepy going on and I don’t want any part of it.”

The mom says she had her garage door open because her daughter had run out to the grocery store. So, when she heard a knock on the garage door she figured it must be her.

“There were two men standing there, kind of later middle-aged men, wearing regular street clothes — shorts and button-up shirts — and had on blue aprons they had American diabetes association across the apron and the one guy was holding a big bowl of salad.”

This mom did not want to be identified because she was so creeped out by the exchange.

“What caught me off guard first is the vegetables in the salad bowl did not look real, then he kept saying to me, ‘We just want to come in for just a minute just to show you how to toss a salad. Can we come in and show you how to toss your salad?’ Just the whole conversation and the way that he was speaking did not seem right to me.”

She said she told the men no and asked them to leave.

“Went to close the door and he stepped his foot on the bottom step and he said, ‘Oh, it will only just a few minutes. Let me come in. I’ll wait for whatever you’re doing. Let me come in and show you how to toss your salad.’ That was when I said emphatically no and slammed the door in his face.”

Another neighbor caught the guys on her camera.

“First I thought, ‘Why are two strange men in my garage first of all?’ It was extremely inappropriate. Most people, when they’re coming to someone’s house that they don’t know they come to the front door, they don’t go in through the garage.”

The American Diabetes Association and said the men do not work there and suggests people call the police if they’re approached by the men.

“You just never know when someone’s scoping you out to do something they shouldn’t be doing.”

These neighbors said they did not contact the police, but after finding out these men were not with the American Diabetes Association, they are going to.

Clayton police have not yet responded to a request for comment.