You Left That Part Out Of the Story

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Nexstar’s KTVX (Salt Lake City) did a story about counterfeit money and interviewed a woman who had at one time been convicted of theft by deception for using counterfeit bills.

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The station talked to Jennifer Gardiner who thinks she was handed counterfeit money at a garage sale and then unknowingly spent the money somewhere else. Gardiner was arrested by the Secret Service and eventually plead guilty to the crime.

Gardiner pled out to the charges because she says that she grew tired of the whole legal ordeal. And despite her conviction, the station slugged her a “Victim of Counterfeit Money.”

What the station also didn’t tell you is that Jennifer Gardiner works for them.

A check of LinkedIn shows that Gardiner is the station’s Assignment Editor.

You might have expected KTVX to be a bit more transparent in telling viewers this fact.

But they were not.

Be Better.

Here’s the story from the station: