I will be spending the first half of the day at the NAHJ convention and the second half driving the 6 hours back to the FTVLive World Headquarters. 

When you start your day at 2AM and it likely would end to almost 10PM, it makes for a long day. 

But, today the floor opens up at NAHJ here in Miami and it is expected to be packed. A lot of people started arriving yesterday and went through registration.

I got to run into a few people that I knew and meet some new people which is always nice. 

At one point I was sitting in a chair, answering some email on my phone when this guy came up to me and said, "Scott, how are you, do you remember me?"

I looked at his face and it looked very familiar, but I could not place the name for the life of me. He looked very much like a guy I used to play golf with years ago in New York. But, then he said, "you and I worked together." So, I knew that ruled out my golf buddy, since he didn't work in TV news. 

I told this gentleman, "give me a second and it will come to me." It did not and I told him, "I give up."

"I'm Bill Pohovey" he said. 

Bill Pohovey is the News Director at WPLG in Miami and has been for 20 years. Before that he worked as the Assistant News Director at WSVN in Miami, which is where I worked with him for a couple of years. 

We had a nice conversation for about 7 minutes, which was about 5 minutes longer than he ever talked to me when I worked with him at WSVN. 

No wonder why I didn't remember. 

Hello Miami!


FTVLive made the long (very long) drive from NoFlo to SoFlo and we have set up shop in Miami for the next couple of days. 

It has been years since I was last in this market that I once worked in. I was exchanging messages with one of Miami's top anchors while watching him on the air. I would send him a message while I was watching him toss to a package and as soon as the package rolled, I got his response. It was a "Broadcast News" moment for sure (Kids, watch the movie Broadcast News on Netflix to see what I mean). 

Anyway, I'm down here in SoFlo for the NAHJ Convention which starts Today and runs through the weekend. I here just until tomorrow and then headed back up I-95. 

I will be taking on a few meetings, trying to meet some new people and of course trying to bang out a vlog or two. 

But, as for right now, let's get on with the news....



Yesterday, FTVLive told you about a complaint a Boston Reporter received over the way she wore her hair. 

But, that is by far and a way nothing compared to this.  We have the best viewer mail complaint you will ever read. EVER!

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