Weatherman Quitting to Become Pastor

Many TV talent like to think they are God, one Weatherman is leaving to work for God.

Meteorologist Austin Caviness is leaving Winston-Salem's WXII s to become the new pastor at Salem Fork Christian Church in Dobson.

He has been at the station since 1997.

Caviness said his Christian faith has led him in recent years to preaching in many Triad churches before shifting his focus full-time to pastoring a church. 

"I love doing this, and I will miss doing this in you guys' homes, but there's something I love even more, and it's sharing the Gospel," Caviness said during  the Monday morning newscast. 

He said in recent years, he's felt called to share his Christian testimony, beginning with a chance to speak to the congregation at his church, Reynolda Church. 

"My pastor was very affirming to me, Alan Wright, when we did this the first time," Caviness said in making the announcement that he will lead the Surry County church. "Now that inward call has matched up with an outward call."

His last day with the NBC affiliate will be May 30. 

H/T Triad Business Journal 

UH OH....It Happened Again

For the second week in a row, ABC's World News beat NBC's Nightly News in the 25-to-54 age group.

It's the first time ABC World News managed that feat in six years.

Last week, Diane Sawyer won over Brian Williams by 12,000 viewers. This week, she won by 85,000.

In the 25-to-54 age group, she had nearly 2.1 million viewers to Williams' 2 million.

Scott Pelley brought up the rear with 1.5 million for the CBS Evening News.

BriWi still won the ratings in total viewers, he had 8.6 million viewers to Sawyer's 7.9 million and Pelley's 6.3 million. 

Colbert Stops By Letterman

Stephen Colbert stopped the Late Show with David Letterman as a guest. Next time you will likely see him on the show he will be hosting it.

Colbert, who's taking over for Letterman next year appeared on the show out of character.

OnThe Colbert Report, Colbert always acts supremely confident as a right-wing master of the media universe.

But Colbert came across a bit more humble during an appearance on CBS’ The Late Show on Tuesday night.

Let's go to the video:

Anderson Cooper's Stalker Chickens out in Court

Looks like Anderson Cooper's stalker isn't such a tough guy in the courtroom.

Page Six writes that Cooper’s alleged stalker chickened out of pleading guilty to menacing charges Tuesday, whimpering that he never intended to harm the handsome journalist.

Self-proclaimed “gay, Jewish white supremacist” Alex Hausner, 38, of Queens could have been released from jail the same day if he copped to a charge of felony menacing, which carries a maximum sentence of four years, and an aggravated-harassment rap.

Hausner is accused of terrorizing Cooper and his boyfriend for nearly six years.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon told Haunser, “You repeatedly followed Anderson Cooper and engaged in a course of conduct … intentionally placing or attempting to place Anderson Cooper in a reasonable fear of physical injury.

The sobbing, scraggly-haired suspect replied, “I did those things [follow Cooper], but that was not my intention” to menace him.

The skeptical judge shot back, “You showed up at night banging on his door. What do you think he’s gonna think?”

An exasperated Solomon finally said, “I don’t want to take a plea under these circumstances. I’m going to have to have [Hausner] admit — if he wants to — that he committed these acts.”

The judge ordered Hausner to return to court Friday after talking things over with his lawyer to either take the plea deal or head to trial, which he was found mentally fit for last week.

Hausner has been locked up since July 27 of last year, when he showed up at Cooper’s home in a rage and repeatedly kicked in his front door.

“I swear to f–king God, don’t insult me!” he shouted. “I’m going to f-k you up!”

The man believes his imaginary friendship with Cooper includes “romantic undertones.”

Myrtle Beach Anchor Wants Jury Trial

WMBF Anchor Michael Maley was scheduled to appear in magistrate’s court Tuesday for a hearing on trespass charges has asked for a jury trial.

No date has been set for the jury trial.

Maely was charged in March for the incident that a police report said took place in February. FTVLive told you about the incident back in March. 

According to the report, Maely entered the property of William and Polly Caison while trying to interview families in the Heather Elvis disappearance case.

"We stand behind Michael's reporting on this story that has affected the community," WMBF news director Sarah Miles said in prepared comments Tuesday. "We are confident that will be proven as the case goes through the judicial system."

The Caisons are the parents of Tammy Moorer who, along with her husband, Sidney, have been charged with murder, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and two counts of indecent exposure in connection with the disappearance of Elvis.

Elvis, 20, disappeared some time after 3:41 a.m. Dec. 18, 2013.

A police report from the trespassing case states William Caison – who has passed away since the incident – told police that Maely came onto the property without permission.

According to the report, the victim says Maely "attempted to force the door open" of their home off  and that he was told nine times to leave.


Anchor Goes Part Time to Reconnect with "Real Life"

WCCO Weekend Anchor Edward Moody III asked to cut his schedule to part time and leave the anchor desk so he could get back to his "real life".

Moody tells the Star Tribune that he “asked to go part time, so I could reconnect with my REAL life. I’d been hopping around the country for about a decade, and maybe two years ago I realized I’d basically missed 10 years of the lives of the people I love, chasing this dream. So now I’m using the extra time to be with my partner Up North and see my mom, aunt and grandmother more.”

“I didn’t want to totally step away from my career, but I needed to pull back,” Moody says. “Some people can balance a demanding career and personal life, but I wasn’t doing it so well.” As part of this change, Moody has given up his weekend anchor chair.

FTVLive has some advice for Mr. Moody, we have lived the real life and it ain't that great either.

Just saying.... 

O-Town Station Brining Back 5:30 Newscast

WKMG will soon add another afternoon newscast to its lineup this Summer.

Starting July 7, WKMG will bring back a 5:30 p.m. weekday newscast.

“The time is right for us to return to 5:30 news,” said Vice President and General Manager Skip Valet.  “Viewers enjoy the story telling from our talented team of journalists, and now they can watch local news on Local 6 at 5, 5:30, 6 and 7 p.m."

Valet said the new newscast will fit the mold of the others.

"We produce newscasts that accurately reflect life in Central Florida. Our news team goes well beyond the police blotter.  Local 6 newscasts include stories about health, the economy, ways you can get more for your money and some uplifting stories as well," Valet said.

Who really talks like that?

Former Bloomberg Anchor Lands in Waterloo

KWWL announced that they have hired former Bloomberg Anchor Teal Jennings to anchor the station's morning show. 

It's a homecoming of sorts, Jennings began her career in eastern Iowa and was most recently reporting with Bloomberg Television in Chicago.

Let's see what quotes the Creative Services Department made up this time:

“I’m thrilled to be returning to eastern Iowa,” Jennings said. “Being there with people as they start their days and take their lunch breaks is something I really enjoy. It’s a responsibility I take seriously as well. I like having my day start off right, and enjoy my mid-day, so I owe to the people watching me to make sure their day goes right as well.”

“Teal is a great addition to KWWL,’” said Dan Schillinger, news director at KWWL. “She’s a skilled journalist, has the right personality for morning and noon news. Being from the area gives her extra insight in to what our viewers want to see in the morning.”

Her first day will be April 30.

Traffic Guy Bumped Up in Sin City

FTVLive FIRST told you that KLAS in Las Vegas had parted ways with morning Anchor Cale Ramaker.

Now, FTVLive is FIRST to tell you who is replacing him.

Traffic Reporter Brian Loftus has been promoted to the morning Anchor gig. He has been filling in since Ramaker was kicked to the curb. 

Here is the internal memo sent to the staff and obtained by FTVLive:

From: Ron Comings <>
Date: Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:27 PM
Subject: Brian Loftus
To: "8 News NOW Staff (Postoffice)" <>

8 News Now staff,

 I'm pleased to tell you that Brian Loftus will take over the anchor duties on our morning newscast starting immediately. Brian has done a terrific job filling in on the anchor desk and has a tremendous amount of support from his co-workers and fans.

Brian is giving up his duties as our traffic anchor and we will begin the search for a new traffic anchor right away. 

Please join me in offering Brian our congratulations! 

Ron Comings
News Director

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