One In, One Out at KPNX

FTVLive was the first to tell you that big changes were happening at KPNX in Phoenix. Not only are talent changes being made, but a shift in content, as well.

Replacing long-time anchor Lin Sue Cooney on the primary desk, will be KNBC freelance reporter Vanessa Ruiz. We first told you of her a few weeks ago, when her soon-to-be co-anchor, Mark Curtis, accidentally tweeted how much he was looking forward to her visit. It's an interesting choice for a major market TV station given that Ruiz' experience wouldn't lead one to believe she's primary anchor material for market 11. Nonetheless, sources say they went with her in an effort to recruit multi-cultural viewers. We'll see.

What's not in the press release, is KPNX not renewing 14-year anchor Fay Fredericks. Her contract runs through later this year, but she's been told that if she finds a job in the meantime, they'll release her early.  Fay has been on the primary desk, the morning desk, and now back to filling in until Ruiz shows up.

Welcome to TEGNA.

FTVLive Heads to O-Town

Your humble FTVLive Editor is on his way to Orlando for a quick overnight trip. The trip is part business and yet another golf qualifier.

Our FTVLive Intern will be taking over the site for the rest of the day Today and through Tomorrow. 

Please treat the Intern well and remember to keep your hands away from his cage. And God forbid don't feed him, he'll never leave. 

Later gang. 

CNN Assignment Editor Denies Reporting on Dildo Flag

On Saturday, FTVLive told you that CNN ran an "exclusive" story how an ISIS flag was being waved at a gay pride rally in London.

Problem was it NOT an ISIS flag, but it was a flag with pictures of dildos.

CNN International Assignment Editor Lucy Pawle snapped exclusive pictures of the "ISIS Flag" and then went on the air to talk about it.

 The video was also posted to the CNN website. But when viewers started informing CNN that the flag was covered in sex toys and was not the ISIS flag, CNN pulled the video and refused to talk about it. 

Pawle took to Twitter saying she never reported the story.


Many on Twitter were left scratching their heads, because they watched Pawle report the story that she denied reporting. 

NBC Scrubs BriWi from the Walls at 30 Rock

Posters of former NBC News Anchor Brian Williams have been pulled from third floor studio hallways.

Even after Williams was suspended, the posters on the third floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza stayed in place. The BriWi posters including those honoring the tenth anniversary of his anchoring the Nightly News broadcast, were proudly displayed.

But now that lying Brian has been booted to MSNBC, the posters have come down and have been  replaced by posters honoring the Today Show‘s concert series performances, among others. 

Here's the picture proof, courtesy of Mediaite:

Rochester Chief Meteorologist to Take Extended Leave from the Station

WROC Chief Meteorologist Scott Hetsko has been off the air for a while and looks like he will be gone a lot longer.

Hetsko posted a video to the station's Facebook page saying that his heart condition has gotten "a lot worse" and that he needs take more "dramatic measures" to keep him going. He says he could be gone from the station for a longtime. 

Here's the video he posted:

Chief Meteorologist Scott Hetsko will be away from News 8 for an extended period of time and recorded this message to share with viewers.

Posted by News 8 WROC Rochester on Monday, June 29, 2015

Houston Sports Anchor in Cancer Fight

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.54.03 AM.png

KHOU Sports Sports Director Bob Allen is taking an extended leave from the station to battle cancer.

Allen has shared that he has been diagnosed with cancer. The cancer is a form of T-Cell Lymphoma and he is very encouraged about his chances for recovery. 

“I’m ready for this—and I’ll beat it,” Bob says, adding that he appreciates the support and kind words coming his way.

The station says that Allen will keep viewers posted on his progress and KHOU 11 will make sure all the people who know him, trust him and care about him have the latest word on how he’s doing.

“Bob is a fighter—he’s never backed away from a cause or an effort he believes in,” says KHOU 11 Executive News Director Philip Bruce. “Now his cause is beating cancer. And my money’s on him.”