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About FTVLive.com


FTVLive  is THE TV News Insider website that has been around since 2000.

FTVLive spent over the first decade of its existence being a pay site. If wanted to read the site? You had to be a member (or a hacker) to gain access. 

On February 4, 2013 FTVLive came from out from behind a pay wall and is now offered up free to everyone. The sight continues to grow in web traffic each and every week thanks to the support of some great sponsors that are the best in the TV industry. 

FTVLive has become a must read for anyone that works or wants to work in TV News. We tell it to you straight with an edge, along with some humor (well at least we find it humorous) and don't pander to TV executives like many of the other so called insider websites. 

FTVLive has become one of the most read and powerful websites that covers TV news. The site goes where other sites dare not to.

Scott Jones - Editor in Chief

The person behind FTVLive.com is Scott Jones or as Piers Morgan has called him the "Mad Blogger."

Jones spent 20+ years in the TV News trenches, before leaving TV for the online world. 

Scott's a former News Director, Executive Producer, Producer, Assignment Editor, Reporter and Photographer.

in April of 2015, Jones was named one of the most important media Reporters in America by Mediaite. 

Jones is the Editor and Founder of FTVLive.com, he also is a major contributor to the TV websites newsblues, tvspy and tvnewser, although he is not paid or rarely credited for his work on those sites. 

Scott does all his work on Apple products. His desktop computer is a 27" iMac Retina Display, his laptop is a MacBook Air and he uses the Apple iPad and iPad Mini to stay connected to the news. He stays in contact using the iPhone. 

You can email Scott at FTVLive at Gmail dot com  

Rory - VP of Cuteness

Rory joined the FTVLive staff in January of 2015 after being rescued from Clay County Animal Control.

Before being adopted by Scott, Rory was thrown out of a moving car and dumped on the side of a deserted road. 

Since coming to FTVLive, Rory has been promoted from mischief maker to the VP of Cuteness, although he has done his best to keep his former title as long as being an FTVLive VP.

Rory likes to spend most of his days playing with his brothers and sisters (they are cats) and playing with his countless toys.

Rory can often be seen going for walks and chasing lizards outside the FTVLive World Headquarters. 

Rory attended the Medill School of Journalism.