Ripped Off Again

A couple of days ago, FTVLive saw the clip of former NBC Today Show Anchor Matt Lauer dancing with his daughter on her TikToc social media account.

It was a video of a Dad doing something goofy with his daughter, something all Dad’s do.

The big difference is this was Matt Lauer.

The disgraced NBC Anchor has kept a very low profile since being fired from NBC and so in that regard, we thought it was newsworthy.

When yesterday rolled around, we decided to upload a couple of the clips to our YouTube and post the story that we had from the day before.

After we posted the story, another TV insider website posted the same story we had been holding for a day. This site has been known to rip off FTVLive, not give us credit and try to pawn off our work as their own. In other words, same old, same old.

So, while that crap from a dying website didn’t really piss us off, the New York Post’s Page Six did.

FTVLive had uploaded the Matt Lauer story that we had been holding for a day at just after 5AM on Tuesday morning.

Over 6 hours later, Page Six sends out “Breaking News” with the same basic headline that FTVLive posted hours earlier.

Do they give FTVLive credit? Nope.

The folks at Page Six read FTVLive and have told us they read FTVLive. It is obvious that FTVLive is where they got the story and they give FTVLive no credit.

This shit gets old and while we expect it from a low rent website that wants people to pay for news that is days and often times weeks old, we expect more from Page Six.

FTVLive gives credit always to the source, but often that courtesy is not returned. It’s complete bullshit and we have to call out the New York Post for this one.

Last but not least, this story was never “Breaking News” even when FTVLive FIRST reported it.

A guy messing around with his daughter on social media is not “Breaking News.”

Bet Better.

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