Viewer Mail

For some reason, viewers like to send email to FTVLive instead of the station. This happens all the time and we have no clue as to why. 

One women sent us an email about WEWS in Cleveland and their Anchors.

She writes:

I  know you must make changes as you deem fit, but I'm no longer watching it. Dhom & Mike were the show & made it different. Now with your changes, it just more news. Nothing special about it. So sad! Dhom & Mike have a great chemistry & I hope they will be back on together soon, so miss them!

Not a fan of your new anchor Rob, he is too stiff & his voice is just not working for me.
Thank you


Now, we're guessing that, she is talking about Anchors Mike Brookbank And Dhomonique Ricks (pictured) The Rob she is referring to, we think is Rob Powers. 

Now, Maryann if it were us, Dhom and Mike would still be together and Rob would be booking lessons with a voice coach as we speak. But, unfortunatly, we don't control what WEWS does and where they move their Anchors, but if we did, we would be "Looking out for you" and giving you "Coverage you can County on."