St. Louis Reporter will be Singing a New Song

KMOV Reporter Anthony Kiekow is leaving the station and the TV News biz altogether. 

 The St. Louis Post Dispatch says that Kiekow, who's been at KMOV-Channel 4 since January, has been hired as the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra's new public relations manager. He'll start on Sept. 26.

"I've been doing reporting for seven years in different states," he says. "I just got to a point where I felt like I wanted a change, and an opportunity to use my storytelling skills in a different way. I wanted to do positive stories and be involved in an organization that I thought was doing good work in the community."

Before going to KMOV, Kiekow, 35, worked at KTVI-Channel 2 for three years (where he was an important part of covering the Michael Brown story), with six months at a Dallas station in between. He and his wife, Apryll Kiekow, decided they wanted to come back to St. Louis. "It's where she's from, and it's home for me, too," says the Minneapolis native. They live in Florissant. 

Kiekow doesn't have a background in classical music, aside from a year of playing cello in the fifth grade. "I'm a fan of all performance arts. I definitely learned a lot about the Symphony in recent months, as far as what it's been doing in the community and what it means to the community here in St. Louis." 

Kiekow adds, "I've been fortunate to work for two really good TV stations in St. Louis, with a lot of good people. I think it's going to be the same situation at the Symphony."