"Scam" News Director is Fired

Sources tell FTVLive that WOAY (Bluefield, WV.)  News Director David Miller was fired yesterday. 

You may remember Miller's name from a July 6th story on FTVLive, where he tried to tell his GM that FTVLive was a "scam" website after we called him out for some fairly crappy news judgement. 

We ended our July 6th story, by writing, "Enjoy small market TV David, because I think you're going to be there a while." 

We were wrong, he couldn't even make it there. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Miller went all "Roger Ailes" on a Reporter in some text messages and that got him bounced. 

A Mandatory meeting has been called at the station for 10AM this morning to discuss Miller's sacking and where the station is headed next. 

Stay tuned....