Orlando Anchor Recovering After Car Crash

WKMG (Orlando) Anchor Matt Austin learned the hard way about the hazards of texting and driving.

No, it wasn't Austin that was texting, it was the person that hit him.

Austin took to Facebook, writing, So...I'm sitting at a red light minding my own business when all of a sudden I hear a very loud crash...I wake up a few seconds later with the feeling of water dripping down the back of my neck. Actually it was my own blood. Turns out somebody couldn't wait till the end of their drive to send that all important text message. For my troubles I received 10 staples and a pretty nasty concussion. By now I thought I'd be angry… But I have this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I'm grateful my baby wasn't in the car seat that slammed violently into the back of my head. I'm grateful that I get to come home to my beautiful wife and three daughters. I am thankful that God's not done with me yet. I am also thankful for the family and friends who have flooded my phone with messages. As for the driver who hit me... I truly hope you're OK… You seem young and probably hurt as well from what I can remember… I also hope you'll start making better decisions.