Sex Sells, But Not to the 25-54 Demo


On Monday, FTVLive showed you that KCTV (Kansas City) was turning to sex for sweeps.

The station did the old “Swinger Lifestyle” story to try and goose the ratings. The story promised a secret look at sex in KC, but what we got were shots of blurry “actors.”

So, did sex sell?

Well, it did and it didn’t.

Let look at the total viewer ratings for the late newscast on Monday in KC.

KCTV5 7.8
WDAF 5.9
KMBC 5.5
KSHB 4.1

Yep, it was a win for KCTV. But, the news is not all good. Let’s look at the key demos from the same night.

KSHB 2.6
WDAF 2.4
KMBC 1.5
KCTV 0.6

It seems that the 25-54 year olds weren’t as interested in the steamy story of swingers.

Either way, we can assure you, when sweeps comes around, sex will still be a staple to try and goose the ratings.