Living Local....My Ass

On Monday, FTVLive told you that Nexstar’s WTAJ (Altoona, PA) used the Super Bowl to launch a new slogan for the station.

What is it?

“Loving Living Local”

But, we heard from a number of Nexstar people that say the song used in the promo is the same for all the Nexstar stations and they just plug in different talent shots.

In fact, in the promo for Nexstar’s WTAJ, which is located in Pennsylvania, you see a shot of a kid in a trooper uniform shaking hands with a state trooper. Look closely and you will see that the logo on the uniform is the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 2.58.48 AM.png

WTAJ might love living local, but the parent company is to cheap to shoot fresh video for each market.

Yep….it’s Nexstar.