What's Up with You Dude?


Just over a week ago, after 12 years as a subscription site FTVLive.com relaunch as a free site once again. 

That opened the site and myself up to a large group of people that never heard of me or the website. A number of those new people have emailed me asking questions about the website and myself.

I have tried to email those people back, the emails having been piling up and it is getting harder and harder to do. So I will answer them here in a new segment called "What's Up with You Dude?"

Email 1: Hey, I just found your website and I love it! Do you (or did you) work in TV News?

Scott: Thanks! Glad you like the site. Yes I worked in TV News for 20 years and no I don't work in TV News anymore. I started in the business as a Photographer and then was demoted to Reporter (it felt like a demotion). Then moved to the worst job in TV news which is Assignment Editor, then Managing Editor, Producer, Executive Producer, News Director and Corporate News Director. One little known fact... I am illegitimate son of Walter Cronkite.

Email 2: How much editorial control do you have over what gets posted?

Everything is pretty much all my fault.

Email 3: How much actual time each day do you work on FTVLive? Are you always "on call" to some extent, or do you clock out when the workday ends?

If I’m near a computer, I’m working. Or at least thinking about working. I’m usually reading and writing by 5 am. It’s a crazy, erratic schedule. In the past week I have posted stories at 2:30AM, 4AM and at all times during the day.  I do take a few hours off to fight crime as a superhero.

Email 4: You seem like you are a big animal lover. Is that True?

I LOVE animals....It's people I hate.

Email 5: Scott, How big is the staff at FTVLive? Can I apply for a job with your company?

FTVLive.com has a staff of 7. 6 Cats and me. I moved to Florida with a cat and a dog. Soon a stray cat decided to adopt me (although made me fell like I was adopting her) and she brought along her kittens. So, now I have 6 cats. I think, if you have 7 cats you are one of those crazy cat people.... but 6 your still normal (I hope). My cats don't do much work on the site, but they do stand in front of the computer screen all the time when I'm trying to type. So I guess they kind of oversee the website. Oh....and no I'm not hiring unless you work real cheap and don't mind doing housework.

Email 6: My goal is to be a News Director in a top 5 market. Can you give some advice?

Spend a few years with the Taliban and you'll be perfect for the job.

If you have a question or comment, just email FTVLive at this address and we'll try to use your question on the site. If we do use your question you will be entered to win a free frontal lobotomy preformed by Wolf Blitzer.