I'm Coco for Coconut Water

As I have said before, one day after looking at a picture of myself, I knew that I needed to get healthier.


I look at the photo and I saw a fat slob. I knew there was nothing I was going to do to get rid of the slob....but the fat was something I could take care of.

Better (but not great) eating habits, bike riding and working out has help me drop 20 pounds and feel much better.

Living in Florida I had become almost addicted to drinking sweet tea. I mean.... damn that stuff is good. In the South, sweet tea is made with a couple of tea bags, water and about a pound of sugar.

I don't know fore sure, but I guessing there is more sugar in sweet tea that a dozen Krispy Kremes.

I knew I had to cut out the soda and the sweet tea if I wanted to drop some lbs.

I have never been big on diet soda, except Diet Mt. Dew... that stuff rocks! I also started drinking unsweet tea and while I could stand it, it never really gives me that mmmmm mmmm good if you know what I mean.

So, I gave Coconut Water a try. Not Coconut Milk...Coconut Water. It is found in younger coconuts and it is very healthy and all natural.

My brand of choice is ZICO Coconut Water. It is so good and it's perfect after a workout.

Dr. Oz says this about it “Coconut water is used to rev up metabolism and is filled with vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes.  If using for rehydration, only 1 in 3 have the electrolytes they advertise. O.N.E. brand had only 18% of their electrolytes (sodium and potassium).  Vita Coco didn’t hit the mark either—it only had 60 percent of electrolytes.  One brand that came up with positive marks: Zico."

So, Dr. Oz likes the same kind I drink!

If you want a treat, try the Zico Chocolate. It's still 100% natural, low calories and it tastes kind of like you're drinking chocolate milk.

If you're looking for a drink alternative while you're sitting in the newsroom or relaxing at home, give Coconut water a try.

You might just like it as much as I do.