What's SUP?


As many of you know, I try to spend most of my free time on the golf course. In fact, I'm writing this post on my iPad while sitting in a golf cart of the range at my club..

But, there is another sport I am dying to try but haven't done it yet. It's a sport that takes place on the water and really helps keep (get) you in great shape.

its called SUP which stands for Stand Up Paddle-board. It's kind of like surfing except the board is longer, wider and a bit easier to stand up on. Oh...and you have a paddle. Something you don't have in surfing.

Unlike surfing you don't need waves to get you moving. You stand up on the board and paddle yourself around....it's kind of like kayaking, but while standing up.

it is an awesome core workout and you can do it on a river a lake or in the ocean.

Problem is a SUP boards are expensive! Some boards run close to $2000.

I found a company out of California , oddly enough called California Board Company that sells the board, paddle, leash and the straps to put on your car for about $600. I did a google search on the board and it looks like the reviews are good.

I ordered the package and got it yesterday. I might have to wait a few weeks for the ocean to warm up a bit, but when I hit the water, I'll be sure to take along a camera and give you a full review.

Of course if I can't even stand up on the board and keep failing off, it might be some video you will never see.

Stay tuned...