The Day After....


It was a rough one yesterday. The FTVLive World HQ sustained some roof damage and with no power, in the Summer time in Florida, it's damn hot in the house. 

There are a lot of trees down, but flooding is more the problem in our area. I am seeing standing water in places I have never seen it in over a decade. 

I'm updating this post from the parking lot outside a Starbucks that has power. It's not open, but I'm leeching off their WiFi trying to update. 

A tree blocked the road out of my neighborhood, but since I was in the FTVLive Hurricane Hummer Gustbuster 9000, I just went up on the sidewalk and around. 

This has been a long few days and now that Irma has passed, it will be nice to try and get the repairs done on my house and take a very long nap. 

But, right now, let's do some news....