Another Phoenix Anchor Out

FTVLive told you early this morning that it was going to be announced that another Phoenix Anchor will be leaving the desk.

This time it's not at KTVK, but across the street at KNXV.

Anchor Connie Colla is done at the station December 4th. She says that she is going to start her own consulting company.

Colla returned to Phoenix in September 2011 after a stint at in Philly. 

The station has already started looking for her replacement. 

Man Admits to News Crew that he Set House Fire

Like a gift from the rating gods....

A news crew from WJLA was covering a routine house fire, when a man walked up to the camera and said he was the one that started the blaze. 

"Me! Me! I set it on fire," said the young adult man, who would only identify himself as, "Carlos."

While firefighters lugged water hoses and aluminum ladders to the burning structure along the "Carlos" remained calm and relaxed. He candidly answered a string of questions with an ABC7 News microphone and camera recording in plain sight.

Question #1: "How did you do it?"

"I just poured gasoline on the floor, set it on fire, went to grab a drink, and came back," "Carlos" remarked without batting an eye.

Let's go to the story: 


Vegas News Director Leaving

KSNV News Director Craig Hume sent out an internal memo to the staff telling them he is leaving the station at the end of the month.

Here is the email, obtained by FTVLive:

From: Craig Hume 
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2014 8:36 AM
Subject: My Transition/Moving Forward

To All:

 Now that the November ratings period is coming to a close, I want to let you know that I will leaving the station at the end of the book.  My last day at KSNV will be next Wednesday (11/26).

 I joined the station in the spring of 2013 to work with Lisa, Bob, and all of you in carrying out Jim's vision to transform the station into a dominant, comprehensive source of news, information and commentary for our viewers in Southern Nevada.  Working together, we all achieved many of Jim's goals. 

 After the sale was announced, I wanted to stay to ensure a smooth transition into the Sinclair family.  Sinclair is bringing new direction and new resources to take the station to the next level of success.

 I will be returning to my home in Los Angeles.   Please let me know if I can be helpful in any way as we go through this transition.

 Best wishes for continued success!


And Soon Another One will be Out the Door In Phoenix

This week, FTVLive has told you that two popular Anchors at KTVK in Phoenix have announced that they are leaving.

Today, it will be announced that another Anchor is leaving, but it won't be from KTVK this time. 

A Phoenix General Manager will make an announcement later Today that one of the station's Anchor's will soon be leaving.

Which station? Which Anchor?

Log onto FTVLive later to find out. 

Nexstar Buying Sin City Station

You have to feel for the folks working at KLAS in Las Vegas....

The staff has been informed that the station is being purchased by Nexstar. 

Nexstar says they have agreed to buy the CBS affiliate for $145 million bucks. 

“Las Vegas represents a natural complement to our existing operations in the Southwestern region of the United States. KLAS-TV is presently operated by a single station owner, therefore financial results under Nexstar’s ownership will benefit from our scale, expense synergies and proven operating management disciplines," says Nexstar CEO Perry Sook. 

Sook then addded,  “With the post-closing implementation of Nexstar’s strong local news programming, KLAS will be well-positioned to capitalize on political spending in 2016 including the presidential election and the Nevada U.S. Senate race.”

As you can see he makes no mention of the employees and what they will do for the staff. It's all about the money.

It's always about the money with Nexstar. 

MSNBC Hires President's Mouthpiece

While MSNBC continues to flounder in the ratings and seem to be doing nothing on air to change that, the struggling network is getting a new PR flack.

Rachel Racusen is leaving her Associate Communications Director gig at the White House and headed to the liberal network. 

Racusen will be based in NYC and report directly to MSNBC boss Phil Griffin (while he still has a job at least).

Racusen has been on Obama's staff in one for or another for years and will now be in charge of making MSNBC look like they know what the hell their doing.

Good luck with that. 

Ummmm...That's Not Live

On CNN's Outfront with Erin Burnett last night, Burnett interviewed the Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson.

Burnett did well with the interview, but CNN lied to the viewers. The interview was slugged as "live" and it was not.

Jackson was standing outside and if it was really live, it would have been dark behind the Chief. This is something you see quite a bit on CNN, they slug an interview as "Live" when it was clearly pre-recorded. 

"The most trusted name in news" can't be trusted, even with something like this. 

The Market Continues to Fall at CNBC

MSNBC isn't the only NBC property that is sucking wind in the ratings, check out its sister CNBC.

The Peacock's once bread and butter money driver, CNBC, is taking a big divot in the parent company’s bottom line. 

Year to date, CNBC’s Business Day is down 15% in total viewers and down 10% in the demo -  and they are also averaging their lowest rated year in the demo dating back to 1992 (and 1994 in total viewers). Not the best picture for the network that bills itself as being “First in Business Worldwide” – and a massive money loser for the parent company which can’t be going over well.

Also worth noting, if CNBC continues on this trajectory, they will bill their 6th consecutive year of declines in the ratings for Business Day.



Press Told 'No Jeans" for William and Kate Visit

When Prince William and Kate visit the US, it is likely that  you will not see any pictures or video of them. 


The British Monarchy laid out a dress code for the media covering the Royal couple. 

“Journalists… should comply with the dress code on formal occasions out of respect for the guests of The Queen, or any other member of the Royal Family,” the British Monarchy website declares.

“Those wearing jeans or trainers will not be admitted and casually dressed members of the media will be turned away. This also applies to technicians,” the warning notes.

So in other words they want News Photographers not wearing jeans and wearing a coat and tie.

Good Luck with that.