Cox Names New ND at Seattle Property

Seattle's KIRO TV has named their new News Director, replacing Bob Jordan who recently retired from the station.

KIRO did not look far for Jordan's replacement. The station bumped up Managing Editor Jake Milstein to the ND chair.

Let's see what quotes the creative services department made up for Jake:

“I’m thrilled to be in this new role leading such a talented group of journalists, as we make KIRO 7 Eyewitness News the go to place for news on-air, on-line and on social media,” Milstein supposedly said. 

Hey WSMV! Are you Trying to Kill the Guy?

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 2.33.40 PM.png

WSMV chucked journalism ethics out the window months ago, when they started send out their news people as part of the station's "Surprise Squad."

The WSMV news team goes out to local grocery stores and "surprises" people (we're guessing that's where they got the name) by paying for their groceries.

It's all part of an effort to get people to watch the station.

Why the hell they are using news people as part of the "Surprise Squad" we have no idea. But, they aren't the only station doing it.   

In WSMV's latest edition of the "Surprise Squad" they sent out Morning News Anchor Holly Thompson to buy people's groceries for them.

Mostly, Thompson just met the people at the register and paid their bill for them.

But, one guy was given the chance to run around the store for 4 minutes (because WSMV is Channel 4) and load up his cart with groceries that the station would then pay for.

Of course, Thompson picks a guy that is wearing an oxygen REALLY she did! See the picture above for proof. 

So, the poor guy is told he has 4 minutes to dash around the store and buy whatever he wants.

Of course it would have actually been a real news story if the guy collapsed right in the aisle and died.

Clean up on isle 4.

Let's go to the video:

Gray Buys Flint/Toledo Stations

TV stations continue to be a hot commodity....

TVNewsCheck says that Gray Television has announced that it has purchased ABC affiliates WJRT Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, Mich. (DMA 68) and WTVG Toledo, Ohio (DMA 76) from SJL Holdings for approximately $128 million in cash.

According to Gray, the stations lead their local markets in all-day ratings and in most, if not all, local newscasts.

"We are very excited to add two more outstanding, community-focused television stations and their growing, dynamic markets to the Gray portfolio," said Gray CEO Hilton Howell in a prepared statement.

Shortly have the announcement, upper management at both stations started updating their resumes. 

The Ice Desk Lives On

The ice desk started last winter and it is showing no signs of letting up.

Even with temps over 100 degrees it isn't stopping KPNX in Phoenix from b̶e̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶ ̶d̶e̶a̶d̶ ̶h̶o̶r̶s̶e̶ ̶ice desk.

The station says on a day like today, we make sure everyone keeps hydrated and as cool as possible while doing so.

So they made an ice desk and encouraged viewers to tune in and watch it melt live on the newscast. 

Who says local TV news is useless? 

Ohio Weather Anchor Tweets Topless Photo

An Ohio Weather Anchor deleted a topless photo that was posted on Twitter.

Before you get too excited, the Anchor was a dude.

WEWS Chief Meteorologist Mark Johnson tweeted the picture and then changed his story a couple of times as to why?

He deleted the picture and all the excuses and now claims it was his wife's fault.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 1.48.15 PM.png

Just minutes after he posted the shirtless pic, he deleted it and then posted this tweet to make it look like his friend posted the photo, using his phone. 

He then deleted that tweet and tried to pass the blame to his wife.

Then that and any other tweets involving the shirtless selfie have been deleted.

No word if he will posted a photo of himself meeting with the WEWS News Director.

Stay tuned...

H/T Gawker for the screen grabs

Programing Note....

If you are tuning into your regularly scheduled you might notice that the site has not yet been updated yet Today.

It will be, be it's going to be a little later on.

I am playing in a Florida Open Qualifier and my tee time is 8AM. The course is over and hour away and I still need to stop and get breakfast. 

So, early updates were not possible.

But, I do have my laptop with me and as soon as I get of the course, I will be finding a place with WiFi and posting updates. 

So long on a bit later and you should see updates posted. 

Follow us on Twitter for updates as to when we update. 

Matt Lauer's Former Co-Host Dies from Alcohol Abuse

WJAR former PM magazine host Sheila Martines Pina was found dead and the coroner says chronic alcohol abuse, was to blame.

Pina, who hosted the show with now Today Show Anchor Matt Lauer, was found dead Feb. 5 in her South Dartmouth home, after a family member called police about 9 a.m.

The state medical examiner's office also said the manner of death for the 58-year-old Martines Pina was ruled to be natural causes.

For many years, she fought a highly publicized battle against alcoholism and served jail time for drunken driving.


Wasting the Viewer's Time in Denver

Say you got up this morning in Denver and wanted to know what the forecast was going to be for the day?

Now, say you tuned on KDVR's "Good Morning Colorado" to get the forecast. Instead you got Dog the Bounty Hunter doing the weather forecast.

I love that TV stations claim how important weather coverage is and yet they let these idiots on to do the weather.

How about Dog the Breaking News Anchor?

I really doubt, KDVR would let Dog read the story about a little boy kidnapped, or the 3 people murdered.

So why let the guy do the weather?

Just asking....

Let's go to the video: 

Louisville Anchor Cutting Back


Longtime WDRB (Louisville) Anchor  Elizabeth Woolsey informed viewers that she is leaving the 10PM newscast. 

Woolsey writes on the station's website "I love my job, but also cherish the time with my family and realize I will never get this time back with them as my sons grow up."

She says it's time be scales back her hours, allowing her to spend evenings with her family.

"My last night anchoring WDRB News at 10 will be Wednesday, July 30th. I will be starting my new schedule on Monday, August 4th and will continue to anchor WDRB News at 4," she writes.

"It's a big change, but one I feel will be rewarding!"

Buffalo News Director Bounced

He should have never gotten the job in the first place and now WIVB News Director  Joe Schlaerth has been pink slipped from the station.

 Schlaerth was sacked this morning and insiders say the newsroom is already a much happier place because of it. 

The Buffalo News says that indeed, it was more surprising that he lasted this long running the news department of the LIN station.

About a year ago when Rene LaSpina was named as Channel 4's new general manager, she apparently decided to give Schlaerth a year to illustrate he should stay on the job and possibly improve his management skills and the station's ratings.

LaSpina could not be immediately reached for comment. Word is she told the staff that Schlaerth had been "removed" rather than use the word fired.

In an attempt to contact Schlaerth in the news department, I was told that he no longer works at the station.

According to sources, the new interim news director is Peter Jacobus, who most recently worked as a news director in Colorado Springs.

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