Uh-Oh....DC Reporter Called Out for Lying

Uh-Oh....DC Reporter Called Out for Lying

Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly might want to move over and make some room for WTTG's Emily Miller.

It appears that a DC Reporter has embellished a story of her own and now she's being called out. Miller penned the book "Emily Gets Her Gun" after she said she was a victim of a home invasion. 

In an NRA produced video, Miller says that when she took her dog for a walk and returned home, “a man — the police believed to be a drug addict — got into the house and started robbing it. So when I came back into the house, he was in there robbing.” 

Not so says the Washington Post, they write Miller spotted someone leaving the property as she returned from walking a dog. 

The paper points to a DC police report, “[Miller] stated that she left out to walk the dog at 1515hrs and when she returned at 1525hrs she observed [the suspect] exiting from behind the fence which leads to the side of the house. [Miller] asked [suspect] ‘What are you doing here’ and [suspect] stated ‘I am delivering firewood,’” according to a supplemental D.C. police report.

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LA News Crew Attacked on Skid Row

Los Angeles police officers were involved in another confrontation Wednesday on Skid Row after a man grabbed and broke a KTTV camera and then scuffled with responding officers.

Reporter Phil Shuman says, "I, a cameraman, and a producer were intentionally low-key; we even used a consumer-type video camera smaller than the professional cameras we normally carry around."

"....Things turned bad in a hurry. We were in front of the Midnight Mission on 6th street, not even recording anything in particular at that moment, when out of nowhere a man grabbed our photographer's camera, twisting it violently and breaking it. We were trying to calm him down as the crowd started yelling at us. He backed off, then grabbed the camera again, twisting off the viewfinder and destroying it."

Let's go to the video:


Low Rated Quad Cites Station tries to Remake Image

WHBF is the dog station in the Quad Cities, new owner Nexstar is hoping to change that.

The station is undergoing an overhaul, both in front and behind the camera.

The Rock Island-based CBS affiliate has unveiled a new look that includes a new set and graphics.

"When Nexstar acquired us, they made a commitment right then and there that they want to be a player in news. They recognize that in order to do that, there has to be some expectations," general manager Marshall Porter said. "From the get-go, they were ready to make the investment."

As for the way the station plans on covering news, it will be with, "layers of context"...what the hell that is, I have no idea. 

But that is what News director Heather Stephenson said viewers wanted  to the stories.

"We heard over and over again, 'Don't just tell me, teach me,'" said Stephenson.

FTVLive challenges Stephenson to produce one email where a viewer wrote in and said, "Don't just tell me, teach me." And to say she heard it over and over again? Sorry, We don't buy that for a second.

Sounds more like consultant crap and now anything close to what a viewer would say.

Just saying.... 

H/T Quad Cities Times

Haters going to Hate

KQDS (Duluth) Anchor Dan Hanger posted a message of his Facebook page out a hater that took a shot at him for being gay.

Hanger pointed out that the hate message didn't bother him, but it could have a big impact on someone younger. 

Hanger writes: 

Check out this hateful comment I just got from a guy in Solon Springs who replied to a post on my wall from someone saying, "Fox 21 News at 9 starts..... NOW!! Dan Hanger is hilarious!!" 

The hater replied: "and is gayer then aids." P.S.: Should be "than," sir. 

For anyone who wonders why it's a big deal for some to finally "come out" in 2015, here's a reason why -- because there's still a lot of hate and discrimination in this world, especially in small-town communities that lack diversity and culture.

This comment doesn't hurt me at almost 32 years old. But imagine how a vulnerable teenager would feel? This one comment could be the tipping point to suicide for some -- no joke. 

The continued hate, bullying and suicide are three reasons why it was important for me to use my role as a main news anchor at FOX 21 to stand "proud" -- in hopes of making change in the Northland and letting young people know that it's OK and ‪#‎ItGetsBetter‬.

Dallas Weather Anchor Goes Under the Knife Today

KDFW Meteorologist Jennifer Myers will be off the air for awhile as she is getting her thyroid removed for what appears to be stage 1 Papillary Cancer.

Myers enters surgery Today and posted a message on her Facebook page to let viewers know what is happening. 

She writes, "I'm having surgery tomorrow (today) to have my entire thyroid removed due to what is likely stage I Papillary Cancer.

Thyroid cancer (while one of the fastest growing) is one of the most survivable cancers out there, so if that's the case, I've got a great prognosis. 

I'm sorry in advance if I over-post and over-share over the next few weeks, as sitting in a hospital/being in bed are not my strong suits, and the boredom will likely drive me insane. 

When I get back, there will be a pretty noticeable scar on my neck, so heads up on that one. I've chosen not to cover it up because we're adults and it's good for us to handle a little dose of life from time to time. Also, putting makeup over a wound is asking for trouble, and scarfs make me look ridiculous."

FTVLive passes along our thoughts and hopes all goes well Today for Myers. And we also have to give her big props for waiting until after the book to tell viewers of her cancer fight.