Arkansas Anchor: I Am a Victim of Domestic Abuse

KNWA (Fayetteville) Anchor  Neile Jones shared a secret with viewers and wrote a book about.   She was a victim of domestic violence.

“I made a decision to not stand there anymore and listen as people said, ‘I’ve never known anyone.’ I guess I just wanted to say, ‘Yes you do friend, yes you do.’ ” So Jones wrote a book about her experience, Look Again Because You Can.

Jones, her parents and sister, explain what Jones experienced in a special segment of the station’s weekly series about domestic violence, Hope for Peace.

Here's the video segment of her talking about her dealing with domestic violence:

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BBC Uses Tagboard to Help Cover Scottish Vote

The BBC had a huge story on their hands. They were covering the independence vote by Scotland and they turned to a Seattle company to help in their coverage. 

Tagboard a social media display company, was chosen by the BBC to cover this historic event. 

When the UK Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted about the outcome of the vote, they got it full-frame and on-screen before every other broadcaster because of Tagboard. 

The company also  just launched a new update to their website so any one can search a hashtag for free and see stats around the hashtag.

It's a great resource to jump on a breaking news hashtag story quickly and make sure you're using the right hashtag.

Tagboard will suggest the most popular hashtags being used.

If your station is involved in social media in anyway, Tagboard is a company you need to be looking into. 

12 Year Record Down the Toilet

It has not been a fun couple of days around the FTVLive World Headquarters. 

I told you yesterday, I had a bout with insomnia let me sleep less than an hour. My stomach never felt good yesterday and although I had a few bananas in the morning, I didn't eat by first meal of the day until 4:30.

I went to a local restaurant and got a plate of spaghetti, which I only ate about a quarter of.

When I got home, I started to feel really awful and decided to lay down. I felt like I might throw up. But, I have a record in that department that I did not want to lose. I had not thrown up since 2002.

Try as I might, the record is no more. I power chunked less than an hour after eating my spaghetti dinner. My 12 year record along with my dinner went down the toilet.

I still feel awful, but I'm hoping that I can start a new streak.

Check back in 2026 to see if I broke my old record. 

Nielsen to Dump Paper Diaries

The monopoly Nielsen says they are starting to phase out the paper diaries from their ratings system. 

The diary-based system for measuring local TV viewership which is very inaccurate has been in place for the past 60 years.

The company says that they will use a new electronic devices it’s developed that will track viewing by “listening” to the audio portion of TV shows watched and a Nielsen “audio watermark” embedded in the signals transmitted by stations. It is starting with 14 markets.

The new system will enable the diary-based markets to obtain Nielsen viewership data 12 months a year, instead of just the current four sweeps months (February, May, July and November).

Broadcasters are already asking two key questions about the new system: How will demographic data be collected? And, will this new system result in higher prices for Nielsen data?

Nielsen would neither confirm nor deny the possibility of a price hike, so yeah they're totally going to jack up the rates. 

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From the Big Easy to the Big D

WWL Reporter Monica Hernandez is leaving New Orleans and headed to WFFA in Dallas.

“It’s official!” she said on her Facebook page. “After four years in New Orleans, I will be moving to Dallas next month for a reporting job at WFAA. I’m incredibly excited for the next adventure, but will miss my New Orleans family dearly!” 

According to her WWL bio, Hernandez is originally from San Diego and graduated from Syracuse University in 2007 with a major in broadcast journalism and international relations and a minor in Spanish. Before joining WWL, a CBS affiliate owned by Gannett, she worked at WLBT-TV in Jackson, Mississippi and as a field producer for New York’s WNBC-TV.

No start date as of yet.

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