Sinclair Starts Original Programing Division

Sinclair Broadcasting is not only buying up stations, but now the company is going to get into the programing business as well.

Sinclair says they have launched a new division called Sinclair Original Programming. They company says the division will develop and create original content.

Sinclair said, will focus on entertainment content and business-to-consumer content such as infomercials (because, God knows we need more of those).

Going Back in Buffalo

Now that Granite is out as the owner of WKBW in Buffalo and Scripps is taking over, former staffers are returning to the station.

Last week, FTVLive told you that former WKBW Weather Anchor Andy Parker was returning to the station, now another one has decided to as well. 

Laura Gray is coming back to the Anchor the morning and Noon newscast. She worked at the station for 5 years, but left in 2011 for a PR job and to get the hell away from Granite.

FTVLive told you earlier this month that the station had blown out the morning anchors Cole Heath and Tiffany Lundberg after only a year. 

Now, Gray returns to TV news and the station that is trying to turn itself around after being decimated by Granite Broadcasting. 

"We saw someone with Laura who has a good news presence, is local and is committed to the market," GM Mike Nurse said.

Man Sentenced for Killing KC Reporter's Mom

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 6.48.17 AM.png

The man that was running from police and ended up smashing his car into a Kansas City Reporter's mom's car  and killing her was sentenced by a judge to over 22 years in prison.

KCTV Reporter Sandra Olivas was in the courtroom, not as a reporter, but as a victim. She told the court not how she lost just her mother, but also her best friend. 

Her 62-year-old mother, Graciela Olivas, was killed in February when a driver fleeing from Kansas City, Kan., police sped through a red light and plowed into the side of Graciela Olivas’ car.

“It was not the way my mom’s beautiful story was supposed to end,” Sandra Olivas testified before the other driver was sentenced. “She was happy and healthy one day and gone the next.”

Police attempted to pull over Stewart, 29, on Feb. 17 because he was wanted on a warrant for missing his sentencing in a drug case. He sped away, but only made it a few blocks before the collision.

He rammed the first new car that Graciela Olivas had ever owned, her daughter said. It was a Mother’s Day gift from two of her four children.

Following terms of a plea agreement approved by the Olivas family, a judge sentenced Christopher Bradley Stewart to 22 years and five months in prison.

H/T KC Star 

Sources: Tampa GM is Out at Scripps Station

Sources tell FTVLive that WFTS GM Richard Pegram is out the door the Tampa station.

Pergam has been at WFTS since 2008 after spending 13 years as president and general manager of WTHR in Indianapolis. 

Pergam replaced Bill Carey who left the station shortly after being arrested after a traffic incident. 

Our source says that WPTV GM Steve Wasserman will commute between Tampa and West Palm Beach until a new GM is found.

Both stations are owned by Scripps. 

Signing Off in Denver

After a half century in the business, KMGH anchor Mike Landess will sign off a week from Today during the Denver station's 10PM newscast. 

The station plans to air nightly tributes all next week.

In a statement released by the station, News Director Jeff Harris said, “7NEWS will miss the warm and wonderful presence Mike has provided each and every night. I am grateful for his service to our newsroom. We are all indebted to him, his professionalism, and his credibility.”

And we will replace him with a much cheaper anchor, Harris did not say but was surly thinking. 

H/T Denver Post

Really CNN?! Are you that Desperate for Bookings?

Obviously as the protests and unrest continues in Ferguson, cable news networks are running out of guests to book.

Here is where CNN went Today:

In case you aren't into the rap culture like I am, this is rapper Killer Mike, who should descrides himself this way on Twitter, "I like My Woman, My Kids, Weed, Polo and Politics. I am a Pan Africanist Gangster Rapper, Civic Leader & Activist. Honor Me."

If that Twitter description sounds familiar, it's the same one used by Wolf Blitzer.

H/T Dorsey Shaw for the pic 

New ND Named in Palm Beach

WPTV Interim News Director Dan Wilson has had the "interim" dropped from his title. Here is now the station's new News Director.

Here is the internal memo that went out to the staff:

To: WPTV Newsroom

From: Lloyd and Steve

Re: News Director                                                                         8/16/14

 After a thorough search both in and out of the Company, I am very pleased to announce that effective immediately, Dan Wilson will be the News Director at WPTV.  

 Please join us in congratulating Dan.  As you know, he has been our interim News Director for this past month, and he really hit the ground running earning respect from all corners of the building.  Dan comes to us from our sister-station in Phoenix, KNXV, where he has spent the last eight years.  He has been it’s Assistant News Director since 2008.  Prior to his tenure at KNXV, Dan held various Producer and News Management positions with KVBC, the NBC affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

 Dan is a graduate of Brigham Young University.  He is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Dan will be relocating to our area with his wife Kim, and their five children.

Happy 60th Birthday Al Roker

America's lovable Weatherman Al Roker is celebrating his 60th birthday Today. 

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stopped by the Today Show to give Al some birthday wishes. 

Word is the staff also served cake which was cut by Matt Lauer. No word if he used the same knife to cut the cake that he plunged into Ann Curry's back.

And of course, Kathie Lee and Hoda brought the wine.

Happy Birthday Al!

What Would Happen if the Media Left Ferguson?

It can easily be said that the media are in Ferguson because that's where the news is.

But, what would happen if every member of the media left Ferguson?

I'm betting that the protests and unrest would stop completely. 

Ask yourself, would people come out and march up and down the street if there was no media there to cover them and put their faces on TV? 

No doubt, the media should be in Ferguson to report what is happening, but IS what's happening because the media is there?

I was in the middle of the 1992 LA Riots, where 52 people were killed, over 2,000 injured and hundreds of building were burned to the ground. 

Those riots lasted 6 days.

In Ferguson we're 11 days and counting.

If the media wasn't there, would this still be going on?

I'm on vacation, so I will let you guys ponder that question.