Complaint Filed Against WABC News Director


A WABC employee says that the News Director treats white men differently at the station. 

The NY Daily News writes that Media Manager Matthew Lamattina recently filed a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights claiming racial and gender discrimination – and retaliation – at the hands of news director Camille Edwards.

Lamattina’s lawyer, David H. Rosenberg, says they have "reason to believe" that Edwards treats her co-workers differently if they are "not white, not Caucasian, not men."

The complaint says Edwards would not cut Lamattina a break when he needed to stay home with his children.

"It's more or less because (Lamattina) is a white dad that she has a problem with him," Rosenberg claimed. "My client is from a dual-working home. His wife works too.”

Lamattina says his mistreatment started in March, when he refused to spend the night in a hotel during a snow storm.

"I still have not been able to find a babysitter for tomorrow. I will be in when I can, but I definitely cannot stay in a hotel tonight," Lamattina told Edwards, according to Rosenberg.

"I need you to be here tomorrow or it is what it is," Edwards replied, according to the complaint.

"Are you saying I need to put my job over my children?" Lamattina asked.

Rosenberg said Edwards denied issuing an ultimatum.

"I am not saying that, and if you tell anyone I said that, you would be lying," Edwards allegedly replied.

Lamattina says his subsequent request for time off on Mother's Day was denied. He said he was later reprimanded when he took sick time that day because his daughter sustained a head injury.

Lamattina says Edwards accused him of abusing the station's sick leave policies.

Attempts to reach Edwards were not successful Monday.

Lamattina still works at WABC-TV and still reports to Edwards, Rosenberg said. He is asking for unspecified damages.

That's going to be one awkward morning meeting today....