Phoenix Stations Replaces Anchor They Never said Left

Back on August 9th, FTVLive FIRST told you that viewers had been wondering where KPHO Morning Anchor Carlos Diaz has been.

Diaz was missing from the air, but his bio was still on the station's website and they were not saying anything about it. 

We wrote, "Word is that the station is revamping the morning show which has been struggling in the ratings."

On August 24th, FTVLive told you that KPHO had still made no mention of Diaz's exit and his bio was still listed the station's website. This all despite the fact that Diaz was now working at WTHR in Indiana. 

Well, now were in September and Diaz bio is still listed on KPHO's website, saying he is the morning Anchor for the station. 

KPHO's Preston Phillips took to Twitter to announce that he is now the morning Anchor at the station, despite the fact that Diaz's bio on the station's site says he is. 

Can someone at KPHO tell the right hand, what the left is doing? 

Just saying....