Did Palm Beach Deuce Sleep with Married Job Applicant?


Did an Assistant News Director Hearst owned WPBF in West Palm Beach sleep with a job applicant that is married?

Gossip Extra writes that an email sent to nearly a dozen officials at WPBF-Channel 25 has the busy newsroom of the ABC affiliate buzzing.

The note is supposed to be have been written by the unhappy husband of a party-loving job candidate!

The writer accuses WPBF Assistant News Director Steve Boyer (pictured) of rejecting his wife for a gig — then ending up in a romantic relationship with her!

Here’s the email, edited for brevity and spelling:

Date: January 23, 2013 5:05:28 PM EST
>Subject: Re: The truth about Steve Boyer

 To Whom it May Concern:
Six months ago, my wife of almost ten years contacted Steve Boyer about getting back into news with the hopes of applying for a job with his station.  Steve Boyer then leveraged his hiring authority into a  four month affair with my wife.
. . .
While I was traveling on business, Steve came over to my house on multiple occasions while my three little boys were asleep.  Steve and my wife engaged in kissing and inappropriate sexual touching on multiple occasions.  His actions have had a devastating effect on my family.
. . .
I believe people engage in this inappropriate behavior under the assumption of secrecy, and I hope exposing Steve will encourage him to respect the marital vows of others in the future and take his position as a hiring authority for his news station more seriously.  He should also leverage this exposure as an opportunity to build his character for the future. . . .

Husband of a former potential job applicant for WPBF

A newsroom insider said the email to the station’s newstip inbox sparked several rounds of furious speculation as to the woman’s identity.

I’m told General Manager Caroline Taplett had a sit down with Boyer about the email, but it’s unclear what was the outcome.

Boyer, a long-time veteran of the Miami/Fort Lauderdale television market, is single. He’s the second highest in command in a newsroom that includes star anchors  Todd McDermott andTiffany Kenney .

“Steve’s a good guy,” said one newsroom dweller, “but every intern he hires is a hot, young woman. You have to wonder. And then, hitting on a job applicant may not be the smartest thing in the world.”

Neither Boyer nor Taplett are returning repeated calls and emails.