What is Meredith Up To?

There is something interesting going on with a few Meredith stations.


Sources tell FTVLive that Meredith has created/separated three of it's stations from the rest of the Meredith Corporation ownership.  

KPHO (Phoenix), KPTV (Portland), and KVVU (Las Vegas) are now "owned" by:  KPHO Broadcasting Corporation, KPTV Broadcasting Corporation and KVVU Broadcasting Corporation.  

So what does that mean?

Right now, all three stations are still owned by Meredith, but the company has taken them out from under the Meredith blanket. There's already talk of a station 'swap' with CBS for KPHO or at least an affiliation change, those rumors are going crazy either way.

Sources tell FTVLive that Meredith is looking at using those three stations to trade, sell or swap… otherwise… why the ownership change?

Stay tuned.....