EXCLUSIVE: LA Anchor to Be Sent Packing

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While we still are waiting on a callback from KNBC's VP of Communications  Terri Hernandez Rosales, FTVLive has been calling sources as to what is happening with the station's 6PM Anchor Lucy Noland?

FTVLive FIRST reported that Noland had been taken off the 6PM newscast which she had been anchoring alongside Chuck Henry.  

We called KNBC for confirmation on the story.  Hernandez Rosales said that she would be calling us back in "2 minutes"....that was a 6PM last night. Still no word from the station.

But, FTVLive has found out from KNBC sources that are not in the PR department that Noland is not only off the 6PM newscast, she will be gone from the station altogether. 

Word is that Noland's contract is up in the Spring and the station has decided not to renew her deal. Insiders say Noland is a Diva and there is no chemistry between her and Henry on the newscast. 

Now that the station has pulled Noland from the 6:00 news, she does have the option to opt out of her deal.  So, in other words she can leave KNBC right now.

If she decides to stay, she will be anchoring only the Noon newscast until her contract comes up in the Spring, which at that time the station will not renew her and she'll be gone.  

Stay tuned and remember where you read this first.