BREAKING! Tegna Buys Columbus, Indianapolis Stations

Back in August of 2016, FTVLive reported FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY that Dispatch was looking to sell WBNS in Columbus and WTHR in Indianapolis.

Dispatch took issue with our story and said that it was not true and they were not selling their stations. They even had a lawyer send us a letter saying that our story was not true.


Fast forward to this morning and Dispatch has announced that they are selling WBNS and WTHR to Tegna.

There was no public announcement that the Dispatch stations were on the block and up for sale, but then all of the sudden they announced that they have sold the stations to Tegna.

Michael J. Fiorile, chairman and CEO of The Dispatch Printing Company and Dispatch Broadcast Group, said, “After decades of proud service to the Columbus and Indianapolis communities, the Wolfe family determined this is the right time for a transition. The family is grateful to have enjoyed strong community support for these stations over so many years and looks forward to continuing their support of these communities.”

So, was FTVLive able to see into the future?

I guess so.

Bottom line, Dispatch is selling to Tegna. Full stop.