The Best and Worst TV Markets to Work in (In the Top 50)


Today is special edition of FTVLive and we will look at the 8 Best and 8 Worst TV Markets to work in. We will limit the to the Top 5 TV markets.

What makes a market good or bad. We look at the overall market as a “news town” and if it often has decent stories to cover. We also look at the stations in the market to see how competitive the market is. We look at cost of living, weather and just the overall life outside of work in the market.

We narrowed the list down to the Top 8 Best and Top 8 Worst markets to work in, when it comes to the Top 50 TV markets.

The list will kick off at 6AM this morning with the 8th Best and 8th Worst TV market.

Stay tuned….