Breaking: NBC Finally Cuts Ties with Megyn Kelly

On January 4th, 2017 FTVLive wrote this about NBC and their hiring of Megyn Kelly, “It will fail and most likely NBC will pull the plug after 2 years.”

We were off by 7 days.

Later Today, NBC will be leaking the word out that they have officially cut ties with one of the worst hires they ever made.

Can you say Friday night news dump?

Kelly is now free from NBC and she is promising that she will be back on TV.

Kelly cost NBC a lot of money and a lot of ratings. And while the bosses at NBC thought this was going to work, FTVLive knew it would not and we predicted that it would fail and NBC would cut the cord in two years.

We missed our prediction by just 7 days.

Not too bad if you ask us.