Making Some History in DC


NBC's WRC in Washington, DC is making a bit of history with their newest hire in the sports department. 

The station has hired Sherree Burruss to do sports for the station. 

“I was told that I was the first Black woman at NBC 4 Washington to do sports,” Burruss said. 

Growing up in Chicago, it was a trip to the museum that pointed Burruss to TV. 

"I first knew I wanted to work in television when I was in eighth grade. I lived in Chicago, and I went to a broadcast museum, and they had a fake anchor set. I volunteered to do it, and my tour guide was like, “Wow, that was good. Have you ever thought about being in television as your profession?” Burruss remembers. 

"Before then, I never did until a light bulb went off in my head. I got my first job doing news but I always wanted to do sports. My family is big in sports: my cousin has two gold medals; my other cousin played professional soccer; I did competitive cheerleading and gymnastics, so it felt natural. My old news director once told me not to be so bubbly doing news. I tried to convince him it was only because I had dimples when I smiled but that didn’t work. Being an athlete myself and still wanting to be in television was like a perfect marriage of the two," she adds. 

Now she's doing sports and she will be doing in one of the country's biggest markets.

That's a long way from a fake news set at the museum. 

H/T Rolling Out