Making History

This is my favorite story of the day.... 

It is more than likely that you never heard of Tahera Rahman. 

She's in the small market of Rock Island, Illinois in the Quad Cities. She works at WHBF and she is trying to make it in this business. She has been rejected for on air jobs time and time again. 

She wasn't rejected because of her talent, she was rejected for what she was wearing. 

Tahera Rahman wears a hijab and as you clearly know, seeing a Reporter wearing a hijab on mainstream local news is like seeing Sasquatch riding on the back of the Lochness Monster. 

But, Rahman had a dream and she wasn't going to give up. 

One time, she almost called it quits on her dream, but a phone call with her mom got her back on course. 

And finally, she got the chance to go on air and deliver the news at tiny WHBF. 

It is the first step and it was a huge step, but let's hope that bias does not stop her from moving up. 

This is Tahera Rahman's story and it is an inspiring tale about not giving up on your dream. 

Let's hope for her sake, it's a dream that is just beginning. 

Props to you Tahera, for fighting the fight, not giving up and making some history in the process. And props to Nexstar owned WHBF for seeing past the hijab and seeing a talented Reporter sho is ready for the job.