Gray Station is Suing Viewers for Anonymous Phone Calls to the Newsroom

Well here's something you don't see everyday. 

A Gray television station is suing 8 of their viewers that called the newsroom anonymously. 

The West Virginia Record says that WSAZ is suing eight unknown individuals it claims the individuals made harassing phone calls and threatened one of the station's news anchors.

Beginning in February 2015, and, more particularly, in April 2017, the unknown individuals made a series of anonymous phone calls to WSAZ’s Huntington office whereby he or she made harassing, threatening, abusive and obscene comments concerning a news anchor employed at WSAZ, according to a complaint filed May 15 in Cabell Circuit Court.

WSAZ claims on April 4, one of the unknown individuals made harassing and threatening comments about the news anchor and her employment at the television station.

Following the April 4 anonymous call, WSAZ received two more telephone calls with the intent to harass, abuse and threaten the news anchor, according to the suit.

The complaint does not identify the anchor.

WSAZ claims the defendants violated the West Virginia Computer Crime and Abuse Act and caused intentional infliction of emotional distress.

WSAZ is seeking compensatory and punitive damages. It is being represented by Vivian H. Basdekis, David Allen Barnette and Nicole C. Johns of Jackson Kelly.

Not sure if suing your viewers is such a good idea, but hey, it could open up a whole new revenue stream for stations. 

If I sued for every mean call I answered in the newsroom over the years, I would have had more money then Bill Gates.