It's All About Megyn


Megyn Kelly wrote a guest column for the Hollywood Reporter and of course, much of the focus was on her favorite subject... Megyn Kelly.

Kelly has now focused her struggling show on NBC almost exclusively on issues involving sexual harassment.  Her show's ratings were really tanking until she turned into a one trick pony and she seems intent on riding this horse until it drops. 

In the guest column that comes out Today, Kelly writes, "Men who see women as designed for their pleasure are far too great in number."

She then adds, "Stopping harassment and abuse is going to require vast societal change. Because women are being sexualized and demeaned not just by a few errant bosses but by a male-dominated system that remains stacked against them. And too many men and women are committed to perpetuating it."

We agree with Kelly, too many men and women are committed to perpetuating it."

We find it so hard to read her words when we look at these pictures that Kelly posed for. 

Hypocrite much? 


FTVLive stands up and applauds what is taking place with men finally being called out for their actions and inappropriate behavior.  

Having women like Ashely Judd, Lauren Sivan and others come forward is a very brave move and should be supported. 

Megyn Kelly is all about Megyn Kelly, her lending her voice to this movement is doing nothing. Some would argue she is even hurting the movement.

Just saying...