You Just Don't Get It

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Former ESPN Reporter and straight up mean bully Britt McHenry was on Fox Business talking about the suspension of ESPN Anchor Jemele Hill for her tweets.

McHenry said she when she was at ESPN, management told her, “not even like conservative-leaning tweets on Twitter.”

The idea as a Journalist that she had to be told this, is a bit disturbing. You should not make or like conservative tweets, or liberal tweets. 

McHenry claims that she was laid off because of her political leanings to the right.  

Jemele Hill was suspended for her tweets that leaned to the left. 

The bottom line, left or right if you're doing your job correctly, your boss and the viewers should not be able to tell which way you lean. 

Now Britt, shouldn't you be in a parking garage somewhere yelling at the poor people?