Columbus Weatherman Receives Stem-Cell Transplant

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FTVLive has told you that WBNS Weather Anchor Chris Bradley has been battling a cancer called acute myeloid leukemia.

On Sept. 29, the meteorologist received a stem-cell transplant that he hopes will cure him.  

“Some people treat their transplant day like a second birthday,” said Bradley, 52. “It really was a gift when you think about it.”

The Columbus Dispatch writes that the road to the transplant wasn’t without bumps. First, Bradley endured a grueling round of chemotherapy during the summer in hopes of driving the disease into remission — a necessary step before the transplant could take place.

He lost 30 pounds and suffered from two infections and a painful bout with pancreatitis.

“July was rough,” he said.

After achieving remission, he was shocked to learn that the planned bone-marrow transplant wasn’t going to happen. The donor that had been a match turned out, after further testing, not to be a match.

Bradley doesn’t know the reason, he said, as donors remain anonymous.

But now that he has gone through the stem-cell treatment, things are looking up. 

“My doctors are very optimistic, and so am I,” he said. “If everything goes as planned, 2018 should be a new and exciting year.”

We are FTVLive are hoping the same for Bradley.