Slow News Day Huh...

OK check out the headline for this story posted on WMBF's (Myrtle Beach) website.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.38.16 AM.png

The story says that Chief Meteorologist Jamie Arnold caught video of an eel-like creature he found washed up on the beach Tuesday morning. Many in the newsroom wondered what the hell it was?

So they asked an expert. Tim Handsel, director of husbandry at Ripley’s Aquarium, said the creature appears to be a snake eel, possibly a pale-spotted or a spoon-nose eel.

“They are common in the coastal waters of the Carolinas, where they live in sandy areas, often using the bony point of the tail to bury backwards into the sediment,” Handsel said via email.

So, the Weatherman shot video that the expert says is common in the Carolinas, which is where Myrtle Beach happens to be. 

Maybe Today, the Weatherman can shoot a picture of a seagull and they can post a story about that as well.