Another One Out the Door in Cleveland

Can the last one to leave Scripps' owned WEWS in Cleveland...please get the lights? 

Just days after two of the station's big name Anchors announced they were getting a buyout.....errrrrr.....leaving the station, a Reporter is joining them. 

Morning Reporter Kristin Volk is leaving the station for a new job off camera.

"I got an offer I couldn't pass up," Volk said.

Instead of waking up early in the morning to report as part of News 5's E-Team on "Good Morning Cleveland," she'll become the director of marketing at the Walter Haverfield law firm in Cleveland. 

"I loved working [at News 5]. I love journalism and had been doing it a long time," Volk said, adding she wasn't looking to leave."It was just a moment where I thought this is a great opportunity and if I don't try it, I'm going to regret it."

"Five years after I walked through the door at News 5 Cleveland, I'm saying goodbye," she wrote on Facebook. "And it certainly isn't easy. Words can't express how fulfilling and memorable my time here has been."

Her last day is Today.