The Fall of Roger Ailes

Less than a year ago, Fox News kingpin Roger Ailes' fall from grace was the big story inside Fox News. 

Yesterday, FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that another fall by Ailes, ended up killing him. FTVLive was the first to report that Ailes died from a fall in his home. 

Just over a week ago, Ailes fell in the bathroom at his home in Palm Beach, Fla. He hit his head and was bleeding profusely before being transported to a hospital by paramedics, according to The Palm Beach Police Department.

Ailes was in a coma from which he never recovered. 

For 7 days, the man that was long considered the most powerful man in television, laid unconscious in a Florida hospital and almost no one knew. 

There were a few people inside Fox News that knew that Ailes had fallen in his home. Of those few that knew, many did not know how serious his injuries were. 

When word came down that Ailes was dead, the reactions inside Fox News were mixed. Many of Ailes' staunch supporters were grief struck and could not believe that their longtime boss was gone. 

Others were shocked as well, but did not hold the same grief. "You hate to see anyone die and really feel for their family, but Roger Ailes was a very bad person, "said one Fox News insider to FTVLive. 

Ailes was loved and hated both inside and outside Fox News. 

Many inside say that they owe their career to Roger Ailes. Others point to the people he hurt and harassed.

When Joe Paterno was fired as the head football coach at Penn Sate, it wasn't long before he died. To Paterno, Penn Sate football was his life and when he lost that, he lost his will to live.

Many, think that the same thing happened to Roger Ailes. A part of Ailes died when he walked out of Fox News for the last time. 

Yesterday, the one time most powerful man in TV news died a quiet death in a Florida hospital room and most people had no clue he was even there.