On the Outside Looking in...

At 3:17am this morning, I logged onto Apple's website to preorder a new iPhone 7 plus. 

My current 6S plus iPhone has gotten to the point that I can't have a phone conversation without putting it on speaker. I can hear nothing out of the ear piece. 

This is not good for someone that spends about 4 hours of everyday on the phone. 

I figured, instead of worrying about getting my phone fixed, I would just get the new phone when it comes out. I'm on the Apple plan that let's you upgrade each time a new phone comes out. 

So, early this morning, I jumped online and headed to the Apple website. I checked the Jacksonville location and found out that if I wanted a 32GB (I need bigger) in pink, excuse me, "Rose Gold" I was in luck. 

All the other phones were sold out. 

I tried two stores in Orlando, again I was out of luck. 

I figured since I'm up so early in the morning, I was golden to get a phone. 

I was wrong and now I'm stuck with a iPhone 6s plus that doesn't work correctly. 

So yeah....that's how my Friday is going.

Let's do some news....