'Missing' Anchor Returns to the Air Tonight


On February 27th, KEYT Anchor Paula Lopez was reported missing, a frantic search was launched to try and find the missing anchor.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff Department lead  a search effort along with Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue.

Not long after Lopez was reported missing her family contacted authorities and informed them that she was home safe and sound. 

She nor her family would give any details as to what happened?The station released this statement "the family will not make any further comments regarding the circumstances surrounding her disappearance."

We were told she had a medical condition, but no one ever said what that condition was.  It was a very strange ending to a very strange story. 

Lopez has been off the air since that incident. Tonight she returns.

On Saturday, Lopez sent out this Tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 4.31.24 PM.png

“We’re thrilled Paula is now able to come back to work. As a veteran member of the team at NewsChannel 3, it’s good to have her back where she belongs, anchoring and reporting the news up and down the coast,” said Jim Lemon, KEYT news director.

Will she address the reason she went missing? Doubtful. Will she tell viewers what the medical condition was? Very Doubtful.

But if the same thing had happened to the Santa Barbara Mayor, you could bet your bottom dollar that

KEYT would be all over the story asking questions.

Just don't do the same with them.