Time for the Kids to Play

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 6.07.02 AM.png

KVLY (North Dakota) let's kids come on the air and do the weather. I'm not talking a kid just out of college, I talking like a 9 year old!

The station has "Weather Kid" night and they bring on a kid to do the forecast. This kid is kind of fun to watch, but it makes you think. If the station is letting a 9 year old do the weather, is it really that important?

What does it say about KVLY Chief Meteorologist Hutch Johnson's job? Does the local hospital have "Doctor Kid" night? Does a kid come into the hospital one day a week and do a couple of surgeries?

When stations let celebrities or kids do the weather, it's really telling the viewer this is that important, so we're going to play around a bit. Think about it the next time you have some actor or comedian doing your weather report.

Here's the video