LA Stations Go Wall to Wall on Dorner Standoff

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All the LA stations scrambled to cover the manhunt of ex LA Cop Christopher Dorner.

FTVLive, watched (and Tweeted) during the live coverage. We watched KCBS, KABC and KNBC.

Which station had the best coverage?

KCBS was the station out front in their coverage and they were lucky when reporter Carter Evans rolled up right on the scene as bullets were flying. He was on the phone as the shots rang out. It was compelling audio to say the least.

KCBS Reporter Juan Fernandez was KCBS's weakest link. He never really added anything to the coverage.

KCBS did get a punked by a prank phone call while covering the story.

Evans was the first to report hearing a single shot shortly after tear gas was released into the cabin.

Many believe that Dorner shot himself. Police did find a charred body in the cabin that is thought to be Dorner.


KABC was the next best with their coverage and KNBC was the worst of the three. KNBC  Anchors spent so much time assuming what was happening? It was no different than someone just guessing what is going on? KNBC's coverage was subpar for the Number 2 market. 

Props to KCBS for owning the coverage of this huge story.