Shuffling the Anchors in NOLA

Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST told you that WDSU in New Orleans is shifting some Anchors around at the start of the November book.

FTVLive FIRST told you back in July that Charles Divinswas leaving The Daily Buzz for what he said was a job offer he "could not turn down."

Divins will be joining Randi Rousseau as an anchor of WDSU's morning-news block starting October 27th. 

Here is the internal memo that was sent out to the staff from News Director Jonathan Shelley and obtained by FTVLive:


Many of you have already gotten to know Charles Divins as he has become familiar with his new home town and his new team, here at WDSU. This afternoon, we are distributing the attached news release, announcing that Charles will debut as co-anchor of WDSU News This Morning on Monday, Oct. 27. That same day, I’m pleased to note that Sula Kim will assume co-anchor duties on WDSU News at 4 pm alongside Camille Whitworth. Scott Walker, who took on an additional anchor role temporarily earlier this year (with the retirement of Norman Robinson), will anchor the 5, 6 and 10 pm newscasts.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the best news operation in New Orleans. We are looking forward to a great November sweeps.


Gannett Makes the Day after Christmas a Paid Holiday

Good News if you work at a Gannett station....

The day after Christmas just became a paid holiday for staffers at the Gannett stations. Gannett is having a really good year, with profits soaring, they decided to give a small token back to the employees.

The staff found out in a memo from CEO Gracia Martore, who said,  “Without your hard work, this company would not be in the terrific condition it is today,” she writes in a letter to staff. “Because of this, I want to give everyone special holiday surprise.”

Of course the day after Christmas still has newscasts that must be produced and aired, but even people that have to work will get a day off. If a staffer has to work the day after the holiday, they will be given another day off before the end of the year. 

Let's hope all the other media companies will follow suit and give you all an extra paid hoilday.

Just saying... 

Anchor Changes in the Big Easy

WDSU is shifting some Anchors around at the start of the November book.

FTVLive FIRST told you back in July that Charles Divins was leaving The Daily Buzz for what he said was a job offer he "could not turn down."

Divins will be joining Randi Rousseau as an anchor of WDSU's morning-news block starting Monday (Oct. 27), the station has announced.

Divins has also previously worked as a model — appearing in GQ and Cosmopolitan and TV ads for Crystal Light and Visa, among other products. He portrayed Chad Harris-Crane on the soap opera "Passions" from 2002-2007.

Divins' path to the WDSU newsroom is unconventional, but it's worked for the station before. Meteorologist Jay Galle did time early in his career as a writer, actor and producer in Hollywood. Meteorologist Damon Singleton served more than two decades in the Navy before transitioning to TV news.

"I started out as an actor, and started to get into the role of becoming a host, more of my own story instead of playing a role," Divins said Monday. "Being Charles and having proper voice."

Signing on at WDSU is "a natural progression (to) gain some chops, being around some real journalists in a real newsroom in a real news town," he said. "It was time."

Divins has been in town for several weeks preparing for his on-air debut.

"They've given me the liberty to have a few weeks of training, to soak in the city," he said. "In a very different way, New Orleans has its own soul."

Sula Kim, WDSU morning anchor since 2012, will move to the station's 4 p.m. newscast to anchor with Camille Whitworth, the station also announced.

Main Anchor Scott Walker will move off the 4PM and work the evening and late newscasts. 

H/T The Times-Picayune

CNN's Stelter: Layoffs = Reshaping

CNN's Brian Stelter did not take too kindly to FTVLive's story this morning about how he said that CNN's layoffs are more like a "reshaping" of the one time cable news network.

Stelter took to Twitter to publicly spank FTVLive (OUCH!) for our story: 

FTVLive is not the only one that Stelter is smacking on Twitter. He also took a shot a Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren for her story on Brian's "reshaping" comments. 

We need to inform Brain that we did watch the video and yes he did use the world "layoffs" but then said, "But the better word for what's happening in media today is reshaping."

Stelter closes his commentary with: "None of this context makes it any easier to say good-bye to our colleagues. In fact, it may make it even harder, because the fact of media, THE fact of media in 2014, is that reshaping of all kinds is going to continue."

Look at the last line, once again it seems that Stelter is changing the word "layoffs" with "Reshaping."

Brian also wanted us to "have the decency" to watch his video and link to it.

As we said, we did watch it and although, Brian has gone years without having the "decency to link" to stories on FTVLive, we will take the high road here and link to his. 

Bill O'Reilly calls Stelter a "cheap shot artist"....we don't really agree with that. Maybe "thin skinned" might have been a better description.

Just saying... 

ABC News To Take Time out of Ebola Coverage to Cover Elections

ABC News sent out a press release Today, informing that they will take some time off from their non-stop ebola coverage to coverage the elections on November 4th. 

What is interesting is that ABC "Chief Anchor" George Stephanopoulos will solo anchor the coverage for ABC.

Over the years, Stephanopoulos was joined by Diane Sawyer in a co-anchor role in the coverage.

ABC's David Muir will be included in the coverage, but not in a main role. 

ABC says that Stephanopouls' coverage will go from with uninterrupted online from 7 p.m. through 2 a.m.

Diane Sawyer will also be included in ABC's coverage. No word if she will be bringing wine this year.

Anchor Said He was Fired Over Skype

Well, we have learned that Skype can used for something besides sending naked video back and forth.

Who knew?

One TV station used it to fire their Sports Anchor. KNOP in North Platte sacked longtime Sports Anchor Joe Swift and they did it over the Internet. 

Swift says he was fired because he went on air and said goodbye to two co-workers that were leaving the station.

It seems the Gray owned station did not like Swift's goodbye and swiftly (you see what I did there?) canned him. 

“I was never told I couldn’t say goodbye to them,” Swift said. “We’ve been bidding farewell to outgoing employees and wishing them luck in their new endeavors as long as I can remember. We said goodbye to a cameramen who had only been there a month. It was just something we did.”

At first he was suspended for his on air comments, but told he would still have to produce the sportscasts. 

Last week, Swift arrived at work with a suit — prepared for the suspension to be over and to resume on-air duties. Two hours into his shift, he was told to visit with Stephanie Hedrick, ND at sister station in Lincoln via Skype.

That’s when he was terminated.

“They fired me over the Internet on my wife’s birthday,” Swift said. “I got to call her and say, ‘Happy birthday. I’m fired.’”


Only Geraldo would Tweet a Selfie from a Car Crash

Geraldo Rivera's wife and daughter got into an accident over the weekend and it gave Geraldo another chance to take a selfie. Because only Geraldo would take a selfie at a car crash. 

Rivera's wife Erica and daughter Sol were involved in a fender bender:

Not sure why Geraldo has to point out that the driver was from out of state, but we're betting he was also wearing a hoodie.

Geraldo then tweeted a selfie of himself with the cops that responded to the crash. Lucky for everyone, Geraldo put his clothes on before doing so.

The Corn Desk

First we had the ice desk, which was followed by the sand desk and now it's the corn desk.

There just about isn't anything that WRAL in Raleigh won't try to make an anchor desk out of. 

Newscast Studio points out that the desk includes a mix of multicolored corns that are stacked and layered in a variety of methods to create horizontal and vertical banding.

Behind the station’s (non-corn) number and call signs are blue ears of corn.

CNN Cuts off NABJ's Funding

A week ago, FTVLive told you that the National Association of Black Journalist has issued a statement this week condemning the treatment of black employees at CNN.

“I know CNN is going through layoffs, but the departure of so many African Americans is worrisome," said NABJ President Bob Butler.

CNN refused to comment about NABJ's claims, but they did do something else.

The cable news network withdrew their financial support of the NABJ's 2015 Convention and Career Fair.

Butler told NABJ's Board of Directors that their request to CNN for support was denied.


Like We Said....

Back in June, FTVLive told you that layoffs were going to go down a CNN NewsSource. The company denied our report.

We said, "Newsource currently has 7 managers and at least some of those will be let go in the cuts."

Sources tell FTVLive that last week CNN Newsource laid off two managers. One who oversaw the production unit, the other who oversaw the wire service. 

Not to say we told you so, but.....