Phoenix: Another Day Another Anchor

FTVLive was the first to tell you about some major anchor changes in Phoenix. Last week we reported that KTVK AM anchor Kaley O'Kelley is headed to Dallas. Then we told you that primary anchor Carey Pena is leaving over failed contract negotiations. 

At KNXV, AM anchor Connie Colla is out.

The primary seat isn't even cold at KTVK and sources say KPHO investigative reporter Heather Moore is likely taking over. She used to work at 3TV but was canned. She left for San Diego and then came back to Phoenix at CBS 5. Moore is reportedly Meredith duopoly GM Ed Munson's favorite (and we can see why).

Still no word on who will be occupying the AM co-anchor seat at KTVK. With O'Kelley and Pena exiting, the only remaining veteran is Scott Pasmore.

Over at KSAZ FOX 10, weekend anchor Kristin Keogh has left the building. Word is she's doing something on Youtube? Good luck with that!

Geraldo: "You Little Pieces Of Shit."

No one can ever accuse Geraldo Rivera of not speaking his mind. We're just wondering if as he gets older, his common sense filter is broken?

Rivera got bent over the responses of some of his followers to his posts about President Obama's Immigration policy on Facebook (Click the link if you want to read the 1000+ comments). In true Geraldo fashion, he called them 'little pieces of shit'.

But he didn't stop there. He threatened to send their posts to Fox News and Facebook authorities. OOOoooooooo...... that'll fix those basement dwellers.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm more afraid of Geraldo's half-naked photos.

h/t Politico

Someone Tell Sales We're In 'Breaking News'

Knowing the GM of KSHB is considered a pretty smart guy in the industry, we're going to assume that some sales guy was trying to make sure he made his BMW payment this month? Either that, or the news department has been threatened to make sure these tweets run 100x per day?  Kinda like making sure you pull the airline commercials during coverage of a plane crash.

Don't Worry, You Won't Miss DWTS (Update)

Taking a cue from the "Did they really say that" playbook, WTVC-TV in Chattanooga thought it would be a good idea to tell viewers the Ferguson announcement would have no impact on Dancing With The Stars.

As you can imagine, Twitter went crazy. What's worse, whomever was responsible for the @NewsChannelNine Twitter feed, kept trying to fix it. It got so bad, the Sinclair station was tweeting individual apologies.

As FTVLive has shown countless times, it's important that stations have an adult overseeing social media. Check out some of the tweets courtesy of and read more in The Hollywood Reporter.

(UPDATE) You gotta give a GM credit not only for knowing how to use Twitter, but for trying to save their station from a social media tailspin. Unfortunately, WTVC's Mike Costa was either 1) tweeting through Siri or 2) so mad that he made some big typos. Once again, the twitter-verse responded.

Ferguson Coverage Turns Dangerous for Journos (UPDATE)

Covering a race fueled protest can get pretty crazy. Just ask CNN's Sara Sidner (picture right) who was hit in the head with a rock during a LIVE shot.

CNN's Stephanie Elam also had stuff thrown at her and Jake Tapper recommended she get to a safe area.

Over at FOX, Steve Harrigan had a close call with a looter wearing a mask. The guy yelled, "Hey man, fuck you!" and knocked Harrigan's camera to the ground. (UPDATING with Video)

Apparently the protestors took President Obama's statement to heart when he said, "There is inevitably going to be some negative reaction, and it will make for good TV".  He should have added, "Especially during Sweeps."

We're glad no one was seriously hurt as we watched from the 'safe room' of the FTVLive Headquarters.  Here's a timeline from Deadline.

How Stupid Can You Be? (Update)

It continues to boggle the mind that on-air talent can be so stupid when it comes to social media. Most of the time, it's Millennials that can't seem to get out of the way of themselves. Here are some examples of hitting 'post' before engaging 'brain'.

KDRV-TV Meteorologist Seth Phillips (Fangue) and reporter Justin Bourke (Matthew) think they're hilarious.

Maybe they thought because they're using 'air names', no one would know who they are? Sorry, guys, FTVLive citizen journalists are everywhere. So, even though you escaped Bill Cosby, something tells me HR is going to be a lot more painful.

(Update) Add WAVE-TV EP Valerie Wilson to today's "How Stupid Can You Be" list. According to her Twitter, The @NewsGirlVal must be tired of the news in Ferguson, and tweeted something much more important.

WPTV Anchor Pitching Face Cream?

Apparently Scripps isn't paying their main anchors enough money. WPTV West Palm primary anchor Kelley Dunn Perez seems to have a side job selling L'dara anti-aging serum. If her personal Facebook post is any indication, she must be pretty good at it.

Just to make sure this wasn't one of those 'steal an anchor's identity' scams by some companies, we did a quick Google search and came up with a lot of 'likes' by Dunn on other L'dara social media posts.

So you can imagine how disappointed we were when we missed the last 'anti-aging' party at the Dunn-Perez house.

I'm going to talk to the boss and see if he'll let me sell this goo on the side, too.

Congress Says Goodbye To OH Reporter Headed to AZ

People come and go all the time in TV.  But when Jim Heath announced he was leaving WBNS in Columbus, several members of Congress stopped by to wish him well.

For you non-political junkies, the photo includes Rep. Pat Tiberi, Rep. Joyce Beatty and Rep. Steve Stivers. Jim is in the center. Not sure who the guy on the left is.

Heath is headed back to Arizona. Rumors suggest he's replacing long time anchor Tom McNamara at KVOA-TV in Tucson. Then again, there are a ton of openings at KTVK, too.

Stay tuned.

Gannett names KUSA News Director

Gannett has named Christy Moreno news director of its storied KUSA-TV in Denver. She's the ND at their Knoxville station, WBIR.

Christy replaces Patti Dennis who's been bumped up to VP of News & Talent Development for the group. It's been almost 20 years since KUSA has had an ND change.

Prior to WBIR, Moreno was assistant ND at KENS.

You can read the standard "walks on water" statements from all the suits in the Denver Business Journal.