KC Reporter Trolling Twitter for Interviews

On Monday, a bus carrying members of the Raymore-Peculiar High School (Kansas City) girls volleyball team was involved in the crash with a truck hauling a front-loading vehicle.

It was a very scary moment for the friends and family of the girls that were on the bus.

Key Braun, a classmate of the girls posted a tweet saying that she was praying for her friend Sarah that was on the bus at the time of the crash. 

While Braun was praying that God would answer her prayers, WDAF Reporter Shannon O'Brien also replied.

It has become common for Reporters to troll social media to try and find interviews and while it maybe a sign of the times, it often looks very insensitive.

Jusat saying.... 

Group Says that Sinclair Station Continues to Violate Ads Disclosure Rules

A group is claiming that Sinclairs WJLA is playing fast and loose with the rules when it comes to campaign ads.

The Campaign Legal Center, Common Cause and the Sunlight Foundation filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) alleging violations of long-standing rules and law by WJLA.

The complaint notes that WJLA continues to refuse to disclose the "true identity" of the sponsor of political ads being run by NextGen Climate Action Committee and asks for expedited action given that Election Day is just a few weeks away.

“Despite being warned that it was in violation of the law, WJLA continues to ignore the requirements to disclose on-air the ‘true identity’ of the funders of the political ads that the station is running.  The FCC must hold this station accountable for these knowing and wilful violations,” said Meredith McGehee, Campaign Legal Center Policy Director.  “WJLA is more than happy to receive top dollar to air these ads, but they do a great disservice to their viewers by refusing to reveal the donor behind them when his name is readily available and has even been provided to them by our organizations.  This is not ‘seven on your side;’ it’s ‘seven on the billionaires side.’” 

The groups filed a similar complaint earlier this month noting that WJLA was running ads with the on-air sponsorship disclaimer identifying the sponsor as "NextGen Climate Action Committee."  As the earlier "application for review" pointed out, substantial evidence showed that Tom Steyer has provided almost all of the funding for this organization, yet he was not identified on-air as the true sponsor of the commercials.

WJLA filed an opposition in response to the earlier complaint and has not yet responded to this new complaint filed. 

CNN Host Wife Takes Selfies while Staffers are Being "Reshaped"

CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter has described the layoffs happening at CNN a "reshaping" of the network.

Word is that while people were packing up their desk after being "reshaped" out of a job, Stelter and his wife Jamie were in the back hallway leading to the control room snapping photos of Jamie in front a poster of Brian. 

"It was an obnoxious thing to do with a few people packing up their belongings around her", said one CNN staffer to FTVLive. 

The Daily Caller writes: Not sure what’s weirder — Stelter’s wife taking a selfie in front of her husband’s CNN poster or Brian Stelter allegedly snapping pictures of her taking a photo of herself in front of his gigantic picture.

Anyone else notice that Brian's picture is sitting right next to Fareed Zakaria's?

That is capital "I" Irony.

Just saying.... 

Early Birds Miss Their Robin

Starting off the day without HLN's Robin Meade is like starting off with no sunshine.

Meade took to Twitter to take a veiled shot at Dish Network that has dropped HLN (and other Turner networks) off their satellite in another retrans dispute. 

While many viewers were upset that they could not watch their favorite morning anchor, one viewer who was the first to respond to Meade's tweet had a much more important question:

NBC Photographer is Ebola Free

Some good news to report, Ashoka Mukpo, the freelance NBC cameraman who contracted ebola while working for NBC News has been declared Ebola-free.

Mukpo has been tested 3 times for the virus and all three tests came up negative. 

Yesterday he took to Twitter to say that he has no clue how he got the virus and also showed his support for quarantine breaking Dr. Nancy Snyderman. 

NBC and Synderman are battling credibility issues after Synderman broke a voluntary quarantine and was ordered under a mandatory one. 

Many felt that Synderman put the public at risk when she decided to head out to a local restaurant, while she was supposed to be quarantined.

NBC has not commented on their Medical Correspondent and what her future holds at the network. 

The Ebola TV Hostage Crisis Could Be Nearing an End

It might soon be safe to turn on your TV once again.....

Last night, NBC Nightly News decided to lead with something else than Ebola. 

Ebola was not gone from BriWi's newscast, but it was moved down to the second story in after the news on ISIS. The TV ebola hostage crisis is not over, but there maybe a light at the end of the tunnel. 

CNN continued to make ebola a prominent point in their day's coverage, but this is the same network that went weeks with the missing plane, even when there was no news to report.

Fox News seemed to back off a bit on their all ebola all the time coverage as well. Yet they still seem to be hell bent on blaming President Obama for the whole thing.

Up until last night, NBC Nightly was leading the newscast with 3 or 4 stories straight on ebola. They are the only network that imported ebola into the United States (yet they haven't promo that fact yet).

Just a few days ago, news divisions had viewers believing that it wasn't a question of if we would all die from ebola, but more likely when we would all die. 

But, now it seems that the TV networks are growing bored with ebola and will soon be moving onto the next thing, which more than likely will be the elections. 

Ebola seems to be going the way of all the other things TV news said was going to kill us i.e West Nile virus, bird flu, SARS.

It shouldn't be long before the next thing to kill you will be coming along soon. The November book is about to get under way.

Stay tuned...... 

I Thought She Retired?

When Barbara Walters said that she was retiring from TV, there wasn't a person alive that believed her.

Walters is coming out of "retirement" for the third or fourth time for another ABC special "Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014."

Walters claimed when she retired that she was done with doing "Most Fascinating People" specials, but she lied.

"I was absolutely delighted when ABC approached me to do another year of '10 Most Fascinating People,' " Walters said in a statement. "I know we said last year was our last, but there are just too many fascinating people out there. ... and you never pass up the opportunity to interview Oprah, Neil, Chelsea or Scarlett."

And obviously you never pass up the chance to see your face on TV again.

The special will air December 14th at 9PM. 

CNN Falls From Dish

While CNN is laying off errrr reshaping staffers, they used to be cable news network is also losing viewers.

CNN and a number of other Turner networks have fallen off Dish Network as the two sides enter into a retrans pissing match.

Viewers tuning into Channel 200 on Dish Network to watch CNN this morning, got MSNBC's Morning Joe Instead.

“It’s unfortunate that Dish is once again operating in a disruptive manner that takes away networks and programming from their customers,” a Turner spokesperson says.


Sunday, Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning broke the all time record for touchdown passes in the NFL.

KOMO in Seattle ran the story and included a picture of Payton....problem was it was Gary Payton and not Peyton Manning.

First off, Peyton and Payton spell their names differently. Secondly, Manning plays in the NFL, while Gary Payton played in the NBA, totally different sport.

And lastly, Peyton Manning is white and Gary Payton is black.

So, as you can see it was a simple mistake that anyone could have made.


NBC's New Credibility Problem

A trip to a local restaurant could have a huge impact on the career of NBC medical Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman. 

Snyderman's quarantine against possible Ebola exposure ends this week but her troubles might just be beginning.

It was reported that Snyderman broke a voluntary quarantine by going to a local restaurant and combined with a curiously imprecise explanation, unleashed a furious response.

The AP reports that NBC must now decide whether Snyderman's credibility is too damaged for her to continue reporting on Ebola or other medical issues and, if so, for how long. The network would not comment.

Snyderman's "arrogance and dismissiveness" create a huge PR and credibility problem for NBC, said Kelly McBride, an expert on ethics for the journalism think tank the Poynter Institute.

"People are so freaked out about Ebola that the problem NBC has now is that whenever they put her on the air, some news consumers are going to see the woman who put others at risk, rather than the reporter and professional with great experience," McBride said.

McBride suggested that Snyderman "lay low" or take a leave of absence. Certainly she should not report on Ebola anymore for the network, she said.

Stay tuned..... 


NABJ President: CNN is Calling me a Liar

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that after the NABJ made critical comments about CNN's treatment and lack on black employees, the NABJ said the network cut off funding. 

NABJ said that The cable news network withdrew their financial support of the NABJ's 2015 Convention and Career Fair.

After FTVLive posted the story, CNN responded with their own statement: “Following NABJ’s recent comments about CNN, we informed them we were reconsidering our relationship, but we were clear that we had not made a final decision. It’s surprising to us that they would choose to make such a statement.”

So: Butler says that the network had definitively withdrawn support; CNN says not quite. “They’re basically calling me a liar,” said to the Washington Post. “That’s very disturbing.”

So CNN is now calling the NABJ President a liar, but the problem is much deeper than that.

As the Post points out, that critical press release and NABJ’s proposal to CNN for the 2015 annual convention hit CNN at about the same time, according to Butler. Therein lies a core conflict in what NABJ — and other journalism-diversity groups, for that matter — does from day to day.

On the one hand, it monitors how well newsrooms embrace diversity; on the other, it pitches those same newsrooms to ante up for convention space and other stuff. Have a look at the 2014 convention program book with a nice full-page ad from CNN proclaiming, “CNN proudly supports the National Association of Black Journalists.” Says Butler: “They’re a corporate partner like many other companies are. We have relationships with CNN, with Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC — those are all partners within NABJ.”

So, while the NABJ is issuing critical statements against CNN, they are also asking them for money. In a way, you really can't blame CNN for telling them "no".

But, they don't need to lie about it.

Just saying....