Like Rats Off a Sinking Ship?

As ratings for CNN and it's morning show New Day continue to tank, Anchor Chris Cuomo seems to be trying to distance himself the cable net. 

Cuomo went on Twitter and seemed to complain that he wasn't doing as much long form reporting as he was told or expected he would do: 

A spokesperson to Breitbart denied Cuomo was complaining. “That’s not what Chris was expressing,” the spokesperson told us. “He doesn’t have as much time as he likes to do long form because of New Day.  He is currently working on doc on the Pope.”

Cuomo also took to Twitter in the past hour to downplay reports that he's complaining. He responded to a tweet by the website CNN Commentary: 

Whether a happy accident of timing or a pro-active management decision, with “New Day” sliding in the ratings, Cuomo’s extended absence in Argentina covering Pope Francis gives CNN the opportunity to consider the morning dynamic with John Berman sitting in.

Philly Anchor on Leave After Husband's Indictment

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that WCAU (Philly) Anchor Renee Chenault-Fattah's husband has been indicted on racketeering charges. 

The Anchor's husband, longtime Philadelphia congressman Chaka Fattah was indicted in a case stemming from the alleged misappropriation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal, charitable and campaign funds after his failed 2007 run for mayor.

Although, the WCAU Anchor was not charged by federal authorities, the longtime Anchor did not escape the U.S. attorney's charging document.

Labeled as "Person E" throughout the 85-page indictment, Chenault-Fattah, one of the station's most visible personalities and anchor of the 4 and 6 p.m. broadcasts, is portrayed as a participant in a scheme to falsely report the sale of her 1989 Porsche Carrera convertible to a lobbyist for $18,000.

The Fattahs used the cash to help buy a $425,000 vacation house in the Poconos, the indictment says, but Chenault-Fattah kept the Porsche - and even renewed its registration and took it to an auto shop months after signing the title over to the lobbyist, Herbert Vederman.

Chenault-Fattah, 57, could not be reached for comment Wednesday. A spokeswoman for WCAU, Shawn Feddeman, said the station had no comment.

During a station newscast, Anchor Jim Rosenfield said Chenault-Fattah "is now on leave."

H/T Philly Inquirer 


Yesterday federal authorities were holding a news conference on the indictment of Philadelphia congressman Chaka Fattah.

If you happened to go to WCAU's website at the time and looked at the bio page for WCAU Anchor Renee Chenault-Fattah, you would have seen the news conference streaming on her bio page.


Screen shot below:

Candidate Accuses Reporter of Working for the Other Side

A candidate for Kentucky Governor has accused WAVE Reporter Theo Keith of working for the current Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway, who is also running for Governor.

When Keith tried to ask Republican Matt Bevin about his plans to sell off some state proprety, Bevin shot back, "I'm taking questions from people who are not working for the Conway administration. Other questions?"


Let's go to the video:

They Just Don't Get It

Yesterday we told you about KMAX's (Sacramento) interview with Actress Cara Delevingne that was a bit awkward to say the least.

The actress was promoting her new movie "Paper Towns" on "Good Day Sacramento" Tuesday when the news trio took cracks at her for appearing tired and "irritated" during the live segment. It ended with the anchors telling Delevingne "We'll let you go then, how about that? We'll let you go take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull, how about that?" co-host Marianne McClary snarked after cutting the interview short.

Delevingne took to Twitter to fire back at the anchors:

KMAX Anchor Ken Rudulph also jumped on social media to admit that it did not go well:

Bottom line, both the actress and the TV station got a lot more publicity out of this awful interview, than if everything went well.

And in today's day and times, isn't that what it's really about?

What Happened to my Feet?

WXYZ Weather Anchor Dave Rexroth lost both his legs during his weather forecast.

Let's go to the video:

Miami Sports Anchor Celebrates 25 Years

WSVN Sports Anchor Steve Shapiro has been doing his gig for 25 years.  office is like taking a quick tour of South Florida sports history. He's the longest-running sportscaster currently on the air in the Miami market. 

At 61, Shapiro endures on South Florida TV as viewers have watched some of his contemporaries, including WTVJ-Ch. 6 sports anchor Joe Rose and WFOR-Ch. 4's Kim Bokamper, sign off last year.

When Shapiro arrived in South Florida, first as a sports anchor at the former WCIX and then WSVN, there wasn't a baseball or ice hockey team. The Heat was just beginning. And Shapiro's hair was brown.

To celebrate his TV anniversary, several sports celebrities sent Shapiro congratulatory video tributes, some poking fun at his longevity in the industry. Even longtime sports and news anchor Tony Segreto called him "a warrior" for his stamina.

"Wow, 25 years, that's pretty old, man. Good graces and you've got the grays to prove it,'' teased former Heat player Alonzo Mourning in his TV tribute to Shapiro.

The clips were shown on Shapiro's Sunday night "Sports Xtra" show. In all, Shapiro has hosted more than 900 episodes.

WSVN staffers also surprised the animated Boston native with a chocolate cake that came with a photo of Shapiro when he started in Miami in 1990.

"It was a football town and it's still a football town. I didn't know when I came here that it would turn into a four sports town,'' recalled Shapiro, whose office is lined with jerseys that each local team gave him. The shirts say his name and the #7 (for Channel 7, of course.)

How does Shapiro maintain his energy?

"I joke about this but there is some truth to it and I always say that I can do anything for three minutes,'' said the father of three grown daughters. "When that red light comes on, the viewer gets my best for those three minutes. I never mail it in and I'm proud of that…I have an expression, I don't want to fill the sack. Let's make some good television, let's make it memorable."

Shapiro said he'll sign off from WSVN in about five years at 66. By that time, he would have been on South Florida television for 30 years.

"It will just be time,'' said Shapiro. "It's a young good-looking business and I will be neither of those in five years…That's one of the advantages of being the old timer in the market or even in life, you say what you feel and hope that everybody appreciates it.''

H/T Sun Sentinel 

Could Josh Elliot be Headed Back to ABC?

It looks like Josh Elliott is not happy with his role at NBC and might be looking to move back to the mouse house.

Page Six says that Elliott left “GMA” in April 2014 for NBC Sports, saying the decision to leave was a “deeply personal” move.

He’s anchored horse racing and football, but had been expected to play a larger role on “Today,” with the hope he’d be an heir to Matt Lauer — which hasn’t materialized.

A source said, “There’s speculation Josh could go back to ABC because NBC doesn’t seem to be using him. He’s being paid $5 million a year to do basically nothing. He is represented by CAA, and agents not formally representing him but advocating on his behalf, have had exploratory conversations with ABC.”

Another added, “Josh burned a lot of bridges when he left ABC. Why would they take him back? But others at ABC believe he could help in the ratings war with ‘Today.’ ”

But Elliott’s contract still has at least two years: Unless NBC decides to release him, he cannot enter formal talks with ABC. A rep for Elliott said, “Josh is under contract with NBC Sports and the claim that either he or his agents have had any negotiations with NBC about leaving, or ABC about returning, is categorically untrue.”

An ABC News rep added, “This rumor-mongering is ridiculous. None of this is true. We have the best on-air team in the business. We’re all good.”

CNN Host Says he Was Sold Fake Autograph Picture

CNN turned a fake ISIS flag into an "exclusive" report, but it is another fake that has one CNN host seeing red.

CNN's Michael Smerconish says that an art gallery sold him a phony photo of Winston Churchill with a bogus signature of the late British prime minister.

In a complaint filed four days ago Smerconish says he was regular customer of Walter Graham Arader III and his Arader Galleries business, between 1992 and 2004.

At the time, Smerconish was practicing law in Philadelphia, and he says he often purchased antique maps, prints and watercolors from the gallery. Smerconish describes himself as a Winston Churchill "aficionado." He owns an original watercolor painted by Churchill, and says he has also visited the former prime minister's home, war room and archive center.

According to the complaint, Smerconish paid $5,000 in 2000 for a photo of Churchill purportedly taken by Yousuf Karch, who specialized in portrait photos of world leaders, great thinkers and movie stars in the mid-20th century.

The photo came with a certificate of authenticity stating that Churchill signed the photo, "Yours Sincerely, Winston S. Churchill, 1942.

Earlier this year, Smerconish says, the autograph began to fade, so he sought help in getting it restored. A conservator told him that the print is not a photograph. He found out both the picture and the signature were fake and had been reproduced out of a book. 

Smerconish has Arader Galleries for fraud and intentional misrepresentation, citing the certificate of authenticity's statement that the print was "the only one of this, the quintessential photograph of Churchill we have ever seen offered for sale in the United States."

He also sued for breach of contract and breach of warranty, asking for a total of $150,000.

H/T Courthouse News

Cincy Station Hands out Bulletproof Vests to the Staff

Today, Prosecutors charged University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing in the killing of Sam DuBose, a black man, during a traffic stop two weeks ago.

Prosecutors released video from Tensing’s body camera that shows him shooting DuBose in the head.

 Cincinnati news crews seem to be preparing for some unrest.

Crews at WLWT were issued bulletproof vests.

Reporters want to know if it comes in something besides dark gray.

Philly Anchor's Husband Indicted in Racketeering case

WCAU Anchor Renee Chenault-Fattah's husband has been indicted on racketeering charges. 

The Anchor's husband, longtime Philadelphia congressman Chaka Fattah was indicted today in a case stemming from the alleged misappropriation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal, charitable and campaign funds after his failed 2007 run for mayor.

Fattah and four associates were charged with bribery; conspiracy to commit wire, honest services, bank and mail fraud; money laundering and other charges.

Prosecutors said the charges covered several schemes, including the use of federal grants and charitable contributions to Fattah's educational foundation to pay back part of a $1 million loan from a wealthy campaign supporter and arranging a federal grant in lieu of a $130,000 payment to a political consultant.

"The public does not expect their elected officials to misuse campaign funds, misappropriate government funds, accept bribes or commit bank fraud," U.S. Attorney Zane Memeger said. "These type of criminal acts betray the public trust and undermine faith in government."

WCAU briefly mentions the relationship between the two in the story posted on their website.