Tampa Anchor Is Gone and Replaced

Back in October of 2012, WTSP (Tampa) hired Joe Gumm to be their new Morning Anchor.

“Joe is definitely someone you want to start your day with. He combines a great personality with a real knowledge of the news”, said Peter Roghaar, WTSP News Director at the time. “Ginger Gadsden and Joe really hit it off during rehearsals. I think we have the makings of a great team.”

Fast forward to less than two years later and Gumm is gone from the station and already has been replaced. 

Gumm had been missing from the air for weeks, then the station quietly took down his bio on the WTSP website.

WTSP General Manager Elliott Wiser confirmed to Florida News Center that Gumm is in fact no longer with the station and that the station has already named his replacement. Ian Reitz fills Gumm’s chair on the morning show, starting September 30th.

We still get a kick of how stations beat the drums when they make a new hire, but a deafly silent when that same anchor is bounced. 

You just gots to love the communications business. 

Dumping Out of Denver

You have to give the guy credit for being honest.... 

KDVR News Director  Ed Kosowski doesn't seem to be a big fan of Denver.

He is leaving the station when his contract comes up on September 2nd. He's been at the station for 3 years. 

“Denver is not feeling like a destination market to me,” he said. “Peter (Maroney, general manager) asked me to stay on. I’m not ready to make that commitment.”

Kosowski says has no job lined up.

H/T Denver Post

San Antonio Station Drops/Adds Newscast

On September 5th, KSAT in San Antonio will dump their low rated 4PM newscast.

Three days later the station will expand their 6PM newscast by a half hour.

“We’re constantly reviewing our commitment to the community and listening to our viewers and we’ve learned that people get more news in the early afternoon ‘on the go’ using their smartphones, tablets and online,” said KSAT vice president/general manager Phil Lane.  “That’s why we’ve recently launched a brand new web site and offer live-streaming of all our newscasts on our mobile apps.”

As for the expanded 6 p.m. news, Lane added, “it will be more accessible to people who work outside the home and want to catch up on the latest breaking news when they return home.”

Jacksonville Stations Look to Change Call Letters

FIRST on FTVLive! Here's an interesting nugget out coming out of Jacksonville.

As you know, FTVLive FIRST told you that Cox owned WTEV/WAWS is blowing up their main anchors and replacing them all. The changes are expected to take place in the coming weeks.

But, that isn't the only change that Cox is planning on making to their Jacksonville stations.

FTVLive has learned that Cox has petitioned the FCC to change both stations call letters. 

WTEV will be changing over to WJAX and WAWS will change their call letters to WFOX.

The number 1 station in Jacksonville is WJXT, could Cox be hoping that viewers confuse WJXT with WJAX?

As for WFOX? How the hell hasn't those call letters already been taken by an east coast Fox station or affiliate? You have to give Cox props for jumping on those call letters and bringing them to their Fox affiliate in Jacksonville. 

A search of the FCC website shows that Cox made the requests for the new call letters late last month.

Look for the stations to change their call letters around the same time they change out the anchors.

Stay tuned.... 

Turner Offers Buyouts to over 500 Staffers

FTVLive told you this morning about CNN's Jeff Zucker told the staff that “We are going to do less and have to do it with less.” 

It looks like the ax is starting to be sharpened as we speak.

Word is that some 550 buyouts are to be offered at Time Warner's Turner network this week, including a large number of those at CNN and HLN, which will lead to layoffs if they are not taken voluntarily.

The buyouts will come across the Turner division, with a couple of hundred expected at CNN and HLN, the individual said.

“I am working with the senior management team at CNN to figure out what this means for us. This will result in changes and what we do and what we stop doing,” Zucker told the staff.

A CNN spokeswoman had no immediate comment.

H/T The Wrap

CNN Anchor Missing (Updated)

Most of the time, it takes local stations or networks forever to make a personnel change; even if it appears a 'no-brainer' to everyone else. CNN apparently took some pretty quick action after a very unfortunate comment by one of their anchors.

As FTVLive reported last week, CNN's Rosemary Church wondered why police in Ferguson weren't using water cannons on protestors? Social media immediately lit up, as it should. Church is now missing from the air and replaced by Isa Soares. Hopefully, they gave Church a US history book about the civil rights era.

Church's co-anchor, Errol Barnett, was quick to welcome his new co-anchor on social media. More from Atlanta Daily World.

Now, if we could just get CNN to understand that no one west of NYC wants to watch international anchors in the evening.

Update: We can blame the Intern on this one (check the byline). He posted the story from the Atlanta Daily World and it did appear that Church was off the air for a few days but is back now. No word if those couple days off were planned, or was in regards to her comments? 

NBC Boss: David Gregory was Rehashing Old News

After saying that she supported David Gregory as the host of Meet The Press, NBC News boss Deborah Turness has finally come clean.

Turness admitted to the NY Times what everyone already knew, MTP under Gregory basically sucked.

Turness tells the Times that the show will go a different direction:

"Her new vision for “Meet the Press” includes adding a regular panel of journalists who will question guests, something of a return to the venerable show’s original format. “The show needs more edge,” she said. “It needs to be consequential. I think the show had become a talking shop that raked over the cold embers of what had gone on the previous week. The one-on-one conversation belongs to a decade ago. We need more of a coffeehouse conversation.”

So Gregory's show was one that was "raked over the cold embers."

Ouch! That's going to leave a mark. 

Yeah...I Don't Think You Should Have Gone There

The St.Louis Cardinals got wrapped up in a extra inning game with the Philadelphia Phillies this past Weekend and it was a long game to say the least.

KSDK Sports Anchor Frank Cusumano sent out a tweet that was in poor taste on how long the game was taking.

It seems that Cusumano may have figured out (or is was pointed out to him) the tweet was a bit insensitive, because it appears that he deleted.

TV news people really need to think before they tweet.

Just saying..... 

Is Orlando Station Planning Anchor Changes?

Cox is one of the better companies that is left in TV news, but if they have a downfall, it is they are choked by research.

Cox won't change the paint color in the men's room at the station which fully researching it first and having a focus group weigh in. 

So, it is interesting that Cox owned WFTV in Orlando has quietly been conducting a survey with area viewers about a possible paring of anchors. 

The station has launched a research project on the pairing of Vanessa Echols and Jorge Estevez on the station's 4PM newscast. 

Echols has been the station's morning anchor since 1997 and it looks like WFTV is thinking about finally letting her sleep in. 

Here is screen cap of some of the questions that WFTV is asking viewers about pairing up the two.

Stay tuned.... 

Back in the Saddle

I tried to take last week off and turn over the reigns to the FTVLive Intern, but as you could see by last week's bylines, I didn't do a very good job.

I posted a least a couple of stories everyday last week, but I did get to enjoy some time off. I wanted to walk away from the site cold turkey, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. 

The FTVLive Intern was a huge help and proved that he can do more than just run a vacuum around the office. 

The Intern was on the ball with his updates and provided some of the snark that you expect from this website.

But now, I'm back baby and I have a ton of emails to get through and phone calls to make.

I was nice to get a few hours a day away from the keyboard and have a little R&R.

Big thanks to the Intern for helping out and taking some of the load off. 

Now, let's get to the first updates of the day. 

DiSy Signs Off this Week

It will be an end of an era for network evening news this week.

ABC's Diane Sawyer will sign off and make way for David Muir (Muir offically takes over on Septmeber 2nd). 

When Sawyer signs off, it will be back to the future for the network evening newscasts. Once again all three nets will have white guys doing news.

At one point, NBC's Brain Williams was the only white dude doing the evening newscast. Katie Couric was fronting the news at CBS and Sawyer was over at ABC.

After Sawyer signs off, it will be back to the all boys club.

Sawyer is leaving the chair, but not ABC news. She will focus on reporting, interviews and new programming as ABC tries to turn her into the next Barbara Walters.

Stay tuned.... 

San Francisco Stations Cover Quake

A quiet Sunday morning in the Bay Area was shaken awake with a large earthquake centered near Napa Valley.

Bay Area stations were short staffed as normal on a Sunday morning, but did not take long to get up to speed.

KTVU began broadcasting shortly after the quake and was the first to go commercial-free. 

Blogger Rich Lieberman says that KTVU Reporter Eric Rasmussen was live on the scene in downtown Napa where he interviewed people whose businesses were heavily damaged and got significant pictures from the buckled roads. Rasmussen's reports were chock full of vital information and spot on.

KPIX too had some informative and lively reporting from the scene from reporter, Juliette Goodrich. PIX had some detailed overview shots from its chopper over the scene from Downtown Napa.

It always seems like the biggest stories hit when the stations have the smallest staffs working. But, the San Francisco stations got up to speed quickly and offered very good coverage.