You Can't Always Get What You Want....

The Rolling Stones sang that, "You can't always get what you want..." and that might be true.

But, I'm hoping with the help of my faithful FTVLive readers, I can get something I really want and NEED.

My iMac desktop computer is almost 5 years old and it's starting to show it's age. I sit in front of my iMac for hours upon hours each day and it is kind of like watching an old friend die. My buddy iMac doesn't have the zip he once had, his screen doesn't look as crisp and quite frankly, sometimes his slow work ability pisses me off.

But, like anyone that has a good friend that just isn't the same as he used to be...I want to dump him and find a new better friend. 

I have already picked out my new buddy, but sadly it is going cost money to be his friend. You know, kind of like Rev. Al Sharpton.

I have my heart set on Apple's new iMac with Retina display. My new friend will cost $2500 and sadly that money is not in the FTVLive budget.

So, I'm hoping that some of you will want to show your appreciation for the work we do, by pitching in for a new desktop computer.

Months ago when I needed I new laptop, the FTVLive community stepped up and helped out. I'm hoping some of you others will do so again. 

Here is a Paypal link for you to securely send a few bucks our way.

You can also stop by the Apple Store and purchase a gift card and send it our way. You can even do an online gift card and send it to our email address ( with no postage needed. 

So Much for a Quiet Day

As you know, at the end of last week I was battling a stomach bug or something that had me under the weather.

By Friday night I was feeling better and on Saturday I was hoping to hit the golf course. When I woke up Saturday morning it was raining, so I figured I would take a day trip to Orlando and stop by my favorite store IKEA.

I got down to O-Town around noon and headed into the store. As I was just getting in the store, some guy flies past me like he was in a big hurry. I didn't think it was the sale on table lamps that he was headed to.

Just after that, cops with guns drawn start swarming the store and everyone is ordered to evacuate the building. I hadn't even got a chance to order the Swedish meatballs, before I'm being told to leave the store.

It seems that the cops were looking for Mr. Hurry Guy that I met when I walked into the store. It seems Mr. Hurry had pulled a gun on some guy in a road rage incident.

40 cops or more started searching the store and Mr. Hurry and another guy were brought out in cuffs. 

While police searched the store, I had to sit outside for almost 2 hours while they went through the entire building.

The Orlando news media also showed up. I took this picture of an WFTV Reporter that seems to be so excited to be on the story. 

My quiet day, was anything but.

The good news?

When they opened the store back up, I was first in and was first in line for the meatballs.

So, every cloud does have a silver lining..... 

It Smelled Fishy from the beginning

You may remember a few days ago, I told you that FTVLive was sent email saying he had a big exclusive for us. A Reporter at a southwest station had sent naked pictures to a "viewer" and had been sexting with the said viewer.

The person that sent us the pictures said he wanted to give us the story first. We told you that we passed on the story. The story seemed fishy from the beginning and we knew that if FTVLive ran the story, the Reporter in question was going to have his life wrecked. The entire story just didn't add up and we did not do it.

The emailer then sent along the story to other TV websites, hoping one of them would bite on this bogus story. As we figured, only one TV website did do something on the story and included the Reporter's name.

Today, the emailer posted an apology and said that he made up the entire story. The TV website also posted a small blurb, without the Reporter's name this time, linking to the apology. 

As for the Reporter, sources tell FTVLive that he has been "relieved from work for the time being." A close friend of the Reporter thinks it is likely he will lose his job over this.

FTVLive smelled a rat from the beginning and we passed on the story. But now, a Reporter that is caught in a personal spat with another person is paying the price.

I can only hope that the station sees this for what it was, nothing but revenge and a vendetta and let's the Reporter return to work.

FTVLive is also glad that we saw it for what it was and played no role the ugly crap that just went down.  

No Thanks, We'll pass....

A person sent FTVLive an email saying he had a big exclusive for us. A Reporter at a southwest station had sent naked pictures to a "viewer" and had been sexting with the said viewer.

The person linked to a website that showed the texts and some of the photos, they promised us that FTVLive getting the story first. The emailer said that at Noon, he would send a link to the other TV websites.

Well, the other TV websites can have the story, FTVLive doesn't want it. This same emailer had tried to get me to bite on this story before and I didn't.

There is no question that this is all about revenge and it is sad that this person is so bent on getting the Reporter fired.

Sexting by people that work in TV news is common. I'm not saying that it is smart (see our advice on sexting and other social media that we did a year and a half ago) and you would be wise not to partake in it.

But, sexting is part of the culture we live in and it is not likely going away.

FTVLive's goal is to critique TV news, call out those that deserved to be called out and praise those that deserve it as well.

If a talent at a station is sexting someone that is of age and it is with that person's consent, then to be honest, it's not a story in our mind. If some Anchor likes to dress up as little Bo Peep while she has sex with her husband in her own bedroom, it's strange for sure, but it's not a story.

Sure, posting a story like the "sexting Reporter" would drive up clicks and get the chatter going, but it would also ruin a person's career. 

There are some people that work in this business that need to have their TV career ruined, but not like this.

The person that emailed us, claims that he also emailed a link to the corporate bosses of this Reporter's station. There is a good chance that this Reporter could be fired. But, FTVLive is not going to help that happen.

If the other TV websites want to be part of that, then so be it.

We're going to sit this one out.

I've Been Hacked!


Today I went to the local grocery store and purchased a few items, my total bill was $6.82.

I ran my debit card through the scanner, put in my password and "Transaction Denied" popped up. I figured I hit the wrong key while putting in my password, I went through the process again. "Transaction Denied!

I log onto my app for my bank and it showed that I made a $970 purchase at Best Buy in Tampa on Monday. I haven't been to Tampa in 5 years and I surely wasn't there yesterday. 

So, I call my bank and after jumping through hoops, they have taken my dispute claim and will investigate it. In the meantime I was popped for a number of insufficient fund charges that my bank tells me I can't get back until my dispute claim is investigated and ruled in my favor. 

Tomorrow, I have a number of bills, including my mortgage due and my checking account is short $1000+ dollars.

So, how's your day going?

....because my day sucks and worst part of it, I still don't know what my debit card bought at Best Buy.

I hope it was something cool.

A Big Thank You!

Not long ago I told you guys that my old laptop had finally given up the ghost and I would need to buy a new one.

I asked if any of you wanted chip in and help poor old FTVLive with this purchase?

A number of you did!

People gave anywhere from $10 to $250 to help get us back online when we are away from the office.

I can't begin to thank those you that saw it in their hearts to give us a few dollars and help out this website.

I'm happy to report, this morning I went to the Apple store and purchased a new MacBook Air!

I would love to see how it looks and fire it up, but right now the Boss is using it:

If she ever gets off the box, I will fire up the air and get it setup for posting stories on FTVLive.

Thanks again to all of you that helped out.

It means more than you will ever know. 

20 Years ago I was 875 South Bundy

20 years ago I was at 875 South Bundy in Brentwood, California.

If you're under the age of 40, it is likely that address means nothing to you. But, if you're over 40 and work in TV News then it is likely that I don't have to tell you why I was there.

20 years ago, pulling up to that address, I was shocked at the amount of blood on the walkway up to the house. Working for years in TV news and spending many of them as a news photographer, I have seen a lot of blood.

I have been to the scene of more car accidents, shootings and stabbings than I can count. But, even for someone that has seen so many gruesome crime scenes, this was still shocking.

The blood was thick and it had just flowed down the front walkway of this residence.

That thick blood came from two people, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

It was the very start of a story that would change TV news. But, more importantly, it changed me. 

The suspect in those murders was OJ Simpson, one of the greatest NFL running backs of all time.

The car chase, arrest and ultimately the trial helped launched a number of careers. It is likely that without the OJ Simpson trail you would have never heard of Greta van Susteren, Dan Abrams or any of the Kardashian's.

For me, standing at the crime scene, it was there that I learned there was no such thing as a hero.

20 years before I stood looking at all that blood at a house in southern California, I was standing on the sidelines at a Buffalo Bills football practice.

I had won a contest that let me attend a team practice of the Bills. I got to be on the field and hang out with the players. Part of my winning, allowed me to eat lunch at the Bills training camp table and sit down with my favorite Buffalo Bill.

I know what you're thinking, my favorite Bill was OJ Simpson, right?


My favorite Bill at the time was wide receiver JD Hill. I was young teenage boy excited to meet Mr. Hill. But, I was told that JD had to go to the trainer's room for treatment and would not be meeting with me.

I was bummed that my favorite Bill wasn't going to meet me and was really upset.

OJ Simpson came over to me at lunch and asked why I was upset. I told him that JD Hill was blowing me off. OJ said it was OK......I could hang out with him.

He showed me around the Bills facility and gave me a great tour. He then said he was headed to the mall for an autograph session and asked my Mom if he could take me with him? Simpson did not live far from my house and told my Mom that he would drop me off.

After getting clearance from my Mom, I got in OJ's car and hung out with him for the rest of the day. By the time he dropped me off at my house, JD Hill was no longer my favorite Buffalo Bill.

It was OJ!

The idea that this guy, a superstar would take the time to help an upset kid and hang out with all day was something I don't think you would see too many athletes now-a-days doing.

Simpson went above and beyond to help brighten a kid's day even if he wasn't even the kid's favorite player.

OJ Simpson was my hero. 

20 years later I stood looking at all that blood and was shocked that OJ Simpson was the suspect in those killings.

When Simpson was found "not guilty" in his trial, I have to admit, I was happy with the verdict. I guess the kid in me wanted to hold out hope that my friend for a day, OJ Simpson did not commit those murders.

But, the newsperson in me, knows that he most likely did.

It took 20 years, but the teenage boy learned that athletes should never be looked at as heroes. 

What little bit of innocence  I had left in me was gone. Washed away in a very large pool of blood. 

Maybe She Sucked at Her Job

Some of you have emailed me and asked why I haven't covered the Jill Abramson story?

Abramson was fired from her job as the Executive Editor of the NY Times and many are trying to claim it was because she was a woman.

Stories have circulated that Abramson was sacked because she demanded to be paid as much as the person that she replaced. Her boss says that wasn't the case.

First of all, the main reason FTVLive hasn't covered the story is Abramson worked for the New York Times newspaper and not a TV station.

While the dying newspaper industry would make great content for a website, that isn't what this site is all about. 

As for Abramson being fired?

Maybe, just maybe she sucked at her job and she should have been whacked.

She might have been a great newspaper person, but not a very good Executive Editor. 

As for her not being paid as much as the person she replaced? Do you think the person that replaces Barbara Walters will be paid what Walters was paid at ABC?

I'm guessing no.

Do you think Stephan Colbert will be paid as much as David Letterman was making? If your longtime Main Anchor leaves next week and is replaced, do you thing the new hire will be making as much?

I don't have revenue dollars for the New York Times, but judging by the rest of the newspaper industry, I'm guessing that the Times isn't pulling in the same amount of money that they made 10 years ago.

People being paid less in the media is a sign of the times (pardon the pun).

Maybe it Jill Abramson got screwed over by the Ny York Times, or maybe she just wasn't good at her job and needed to be replaced.

Abramson spoke this morning to the graduating class at Wake Forest. She told the students that she didn't know what was next for her? Which she said put her in exactly in the same place as many students graduating from WF. Ummmmmm...... I don't think many of those kids have a padded bank account like Abramson. No matter how little she was paid at the Times.

Either way, it's not a TV story and FTVLive really doesn't care. Even if the NY Media want to continue to obsess on the story. 

Jill Abramson is the NY Media's missing plane and we all know how well that worked out for CNN.

If you don't just check the recent cable news ratings. 

Florida Blue has given me the Blues

I signed up for my healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act. The sign up process was fairly painless and I picked a plan with Florida Blue, a health provider here in Florida.

After I signed up, I got an email from Florida Blue with a link to pay my bill. I clicked on the link and this is what I got:

I was logged out of a session I never logged into in the first place. I tried clicking on the login link with no luck. I tried it again in a different browser. Same thing happened.

I tried paying my bill through the website. I logged in and when I click on pay my premium, the link goes nowhere.

I then decided to call Florida Blue. I call them up and get an automated message that asks for my social security number. I punch that in and then it asks for my application ID. You have to say that one out loud and it takes the Florida Blue automation service 3 times to understand what I am saying.

Finally it says all is good and is connecting me. Then I get another automated message saying that the offices are closed till 9AM.

Couldn't they have had a message that said that in the first place, so I didn't have to enter all my information?

I call back after 9 and go through the same program again. Now when it is time to connect, I get the message that all of their representatives are busy and the hold music starts.

After 20 minutes I get a representative that is not friendly in any way shape or form. But hey, at least I'm talking to somebody.

As I am giving her my information and about to finally make my payment the call is cut off. 

Are you fucking kidding me. I'm was almost on the verge of tears and I never cry. I have never been more frustrated with a service in my life.

I went on the Florida Blue website and emailed them (twice), I said if you want my payment, you know how to get in touch with me.

Remember, this was all to make a payment.

I can only imagine how hard it would be to make a claim. 

FTVLive is giving you a Very Rare Opportunity

It is clear to us that KNBC Spokesperson Terri Hernandez Rosales is never going to call us back. Over 174 days ago, Rosales promised to call FTVLive back in just 2 minutes.

It is also clear that Fox News Sean Hannity isn't moving to Florida. Over 85 days ago Hannity he was sick of spending some of the millions of dollars he makes on taxes in New York and he was moving.

Because both of those things are not going to happen. FTVLive has decided to pull down the Rosales and Hannity countdown clocks in the right hand column of this and every other page on (screen shot to the right).

That opens up a chance for you or your company to place an ad in those spots on this website.

Yes!!! For the first time FTVLive is opening up some additional ad space to a company that we feel is worth being on this site.

We will point out that the ad space is not cheap and not just any company can place on ad on FTVLive.

We have turned down companies in the past that we did not believe in their business practices and didn't feel they were a good fit for FTVLive.

But, if you want to reach the most powerful people in TV News, there is no better place than this website. Imagine that each and everyday you will reach people in thousands of TV stations and networks around the country and the world. 

You will get your company front and center of powerful media. 

If your serious and interested in placing an ad on FTVLive contact us and let's see if we can make it happen. 

As for Terri and Sean? It was a good run guys...thanks!