Even a US Senator is Weighing in on Weatherman

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 4.03.54 AM.png

Sinclair’s PR nightmare in Springfield was taken up a notch when U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin decided to weigh in as to how the station is treating Meteorologist Joe Crain.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Durbin had this to say about Crain and WICS and Sinclar’s mandates of issuing Code Red weather alerts:

“There comes a point where local weathermen have to be trusted more than the corporate headquarters in Maryland,” Durbin said. “Sinclair Broadcasting is wrong. Joe Crain is right. Let’s stick with someone who is a local man and is trusted when it comes to predicting the weather.”

Looking at the mic flags, we see that WICS was covering Durbin when he made the statement, but we have a funny feeling that they never aired his thoughts on Sinclair or Crain.

Just saying…