The Bottom Dweller in the LA Ratings

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 4.43.58 AM.png

A tipster sent us the Feb ratings for the LA market and let’s just say that KCBS sucks, like really, really bad.

The station’s Feb book was awful in both total ratings and in the demos. In total ratings, KCBS pulled only a 1.4 rating at 5PM and 1.3 rating at 6pm. At 11PM, the station loses almost a full rating point from the primetime lead in. KABC on the other hand, grows their audience from their primetime lead in.

In the demos, it’s even worse. KCBS is in LAST place in virtually EVERY newscast! The 11pm on KCBS lost to KTLA, a CW station that does a 10pm news leading into the 11pm.

In the mornings, the new anchor team is pulling a 0.1 at 6am.

There are bad rating books and then there are complete disasters, this one falls into the second category.

This all comes on the heels of KCBS ditching or losing 8 main talent whose positions in just over a year and not filling the job, or replacing those that left with freelancers.

I have said it for years and I stand by it, you can not cut your way to prosperity.

This CBS O&O needs a change at the top and the sooner the better.