Sign Of the Times...

There is not a week that goes by, I’m talking to some News Director or General Manager and they tell me how desperately they are looking for Producers.

It is the one position that seems to always be open in every newsroom.

Also, Producers should know this and no matter what the station is offering you salary wise, let it be known that they can and will go higher. If you can produce, you hold all the cards. Make sure you are paid and paid well.

Erik Webb is fresh out of school and he has landed a Producer gig at ABC O&O WTVD in Raleigh. That is a huge accomplishment for Webb and we congratulate him for landing in a top 30 market fresh out of school.

But, at the same time, or is a good bet that Webb is not yet ready for this job and should have some experience in a smaller market first.

But, this is today’s TV news and this is a sign of the times.