I Think You Left Something Out


PA State Senator John Eichelberger is making a run for Congress and WTAJ (Altoona) has been giving the State Senator some airtime in his bid for Federal office. 

But, it seems that the Nexstar station continues to leave out what some might think is an important pice of information. 

Looking back at the stories the station did on Eichelberger on the WTAJ website, they seem to often forget to disclose the fact that  Eichelberger is married to WTAJ Reporter Charlotte Ames. 

Recently the station did a live interview (screenshot above) with Eichelberger, where he was asked a number of questions. As for Eichelberger's opponent Art Halvorson, he got a quick VO. 

Station insiders think that Eichelberger appears to get more airtime than his opponent and without the full disclosure this heads the station down a slippery slope. 

Here is the station's story when Eichelberger announced he was running for office. Notice no mention of his wife that works as a Reporter at the station.