Washington Post Catching Up to FTVLive on Sinclair Story


A number of media outlets are finally catching up to a story FTVLive FIRST BROKE a couple of weeks ago. 

The Washington Post writes, "Sinclair Broadcast Group is asking its executives — including the news directors at its many stations — to contribute to its political action committee, a move that journalism ethics experts say is highly unusual and troubling."

FTVLive FIRST told you this story back on February 1st and we also obtained a copy of the memo. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 4.11.02 AM.png

The Post said, encouraging its news directors to contribute to its political effort, in the view of some experts, breaches a long-standing ethical obligation among journalists.

Rebecca Hanson, Sinclair’s senior vice president of strategy and policy, said there was nothing compromising about the company’s request. She said it was sent to newsroom managers only, not to reporters, anchors or other lower-level news employees. The news directors “were solicited as a result of being part of our managerial level, not because of their role in editorial,” she said.

Now that the Post and other media outlets have finally got around to an FTVLive story from two weeks ago, that means the other TV blogs will finally pick up the story. 

Little late guys, but welcome to the party.