* UPDATED* Shit Storm in One Connecticut Newsroom

There was a shit storm at WTNH and it has nothing to do with President Trump. 

Sources tell FTVLive that a pipe carrying raw sewage burst and it was literally raining shit on WTNH newsroom. 

Hundreds of gallons of raw sewage soiled the carpet and left behind an unbearable stench. At least two computer monitors were destroyed or were at least left in a condition that no one was going to touch them ever again. 

News director Keith Connors dashed to a nearby pharmacy for as many cans of Lysol as he could carry.

*UPDATED*   After this story appeared on FTVLive, we received an email from WTNH ND Keith Connors wanting some clarification. Connors says a sink pipe on the second floor did break, it damaged a few newsroom computers, it was not raw sewage and it was not hundreds of gallons. He bottom lined it: "Far from a shitstorm".

We report. You decide.