Nexstar Hangs Up on More Employees Cell Phones

FTVLive has been telling you that in an effort to cut costs, Nexstar has been taking away station issued cell phones from employees. 

You see, when Media General owned the stations, they figured that news people might actually need a mobile phone to their job. 

But, since Nexstar has taken over the Media General stations, they feel that the phone is more on a luxury than a tool. 

The news staff at WLNS in Lansing have been told that effective in June, the company it will be taking away the stations cell phones.

Staff has been given the optio keep their station phones but open up their own service.....or get paid 50 dollars a month for "costs" which will rack up as calls, texts, and data plans get used more frequently through personal cell phones.

Last we heard, Nexstar CEO Perry Sook still does have a company issued phone which is paid for. 

No word on when he will have to had it in.