We're Laying Off People, But Hey We're Getting a New Logo

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 6.53.58 AM.png

While Raycom continues to drive the pink slip express around the country to their stations, they also have some other news. 

All that money they are saving by firing people is helping them pay for a new logo. 

Seriously, we are not making this up. 

This is the internal email sent to the managers at Raycom stations and obtained by FTVLive: 

Prior to revealing our new brand for Raycom Media externally, we would like to preview the new Raycom Media Brand internally across the company on Monday, December 11th. This will be a few days before our external launch.

We would like for you to gather your teams (where you normally have large staff meetings) at 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, 12noon Mountain, 11am Pacific, 9am Hawaii on December 11th. We will provide you a secure link to a video we are asking you to play for the staff that will describe the new Raycom Media Brand and reveal the new logo. We will also provide you with talking points after the video plays to help you answer questions about the new brand.

Our plan will be to begin changing to the new logo on internal facing sites and elements on Tuesday, December 12th. On Friday, December 15th our outward facing website and social media channels will soft launch with the new logo. The official reveal externally of the new brand will be on Saturday, December 16th during the 4th Annual Raycom Media Camellia Bowl at 7:00pm Central Time on ESPN.

Early Monday Morning December 11th, we will provide you the secured video link so you will have time to prepare the video presentation. It is important that you start the video on time. As we would like to coordinate this reveal across Raycom Media. We will also remove the video link a few hours after the company wide reveal. The video will be approximately 5 minutes long.