Viewers Love Controversy


NBC's Today Show is seeing a big ratings bump in the wake of Matt Lauer's firing for sexual misconduct. 

After the network told Lauer to take his bag of sex toys and get out, the ratings have been great. Page Six writes that “Today” for the first time in many weeks was the nation’s most-watched morning news program, defeating its main rival, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” by more than 539,000 viewers for the five days ending Dec. 1, or 12.4 percent. In the prior week, “GMA” won just 110,000 more viewers than “Today.”

Let's face it, people love a car crash. Why is it that when the crash is in the northbound lane, traffic is at a standstill in the southbound lane as drivers gawk at the crash scene.

That is what is currently happening at the Today Show.

It's after the controversy dies down that we will see the real shake up of the Lauer firing.

NBC has not made any comment as to who will replace Lauer and at this point, it appears they don't have many options if they want to use a male.

FTVLive still thinks that going with two females is the best bet for NBC.

Stay tuned...