This is The Firm at it's Finest

The Fox O&O's put huge weight in social media and get all over their talent for not have more engagements on social media and each Fox O&O keeps a social media scoreboard in the newsroom. 

The Photographers at Fox O&O KSAZ in Phoniex got chewed out in an email from News Director Doug Bannard for being at the bottom of the list on social media. 

Of course, the Photogs are not on air and it should be much easier for an on-air talent to get more engagements on social media than a Shooter. 

Here's is the email that was sent to the Photogs and obtained by FTVLive: 


The "Jeff" that is mentioned in the email is Jeff Moriarty, who is the Social Media and Engagement Manager for KSAZ.  

It should be pointed out that Moriarty has just 649 followers on Twitter and the last tweet he sent out was in March. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 6.41.10 AM.png

So how the hell does the Social Media and Engagement Manager give anyone else instructions on how to do their job, when he himself isn't doing jack shit on social media. 

You have to love how The Firm manages people. 

They simply are the worst.